what was his canon event?

what was his canon event? spider ham origin story


spider rex origin

the bagel effect spider verse spot origin story
spoiler without context: spider man across the spiderverse spot origin story

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  1. i saw one interpretation where peter and uncle ben are at a literal “cannon event” in which uncle ben gets shot out of a canon as part of a competition

  2. Spider-Ham’s Canon event: He was a ordinary pig who got bit by a spider and later on his uncle became bacon

  3. Where what his cannon events were.one day him and uncle Ben where going on a hike before a McDonald’s employee came and took uncle Ben.later spider ham put on a human costume and asked.hey if you saw a pig being carried by a women with long hair.the employee said oh he’s was turned into a quarter pounder.then wolfs attacked aunt may and Mary Jane killing them.

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