Tom Holland’s Secret That Got Him RIPPED For Spider-Man! (Full Workout)

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man workout program! This is how Tom Holland got ripped to play Spider-Man in the MCU. Tom Holland wasn’t always the ripped action star we know today. Growing up Tom Holland was a skinny theater kid but when the opportunity came around for Tom Holland to play Spider-Man in the MCU he had to work out and diet hard in order to get jacked to play everybody’s favorite web-head. In this video, we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about how Tom Holland got into amazing shape to play Spider-Man in Spider-Man Homecoming, Spider-man Far From Home, and Spider-Man No Way Home! This is the Tom Holland Spider-Man workout!

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48 responses to “Tom Holland’s Secret That Got Him RIPPED For Spider-Man! (Full Workout)”

  1. TOBEY! I think I’ve also asked this question in the past, but how about looking into some athletes’ training routines as well? Like players from the NHL, the NBA, and the NFL??

  2. Hey make a video on how to train with barbell and dumbell only. Please make a training program on this i can't find a way to train with barbell and dumbells 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. 5:34 – Tom Holland's Spiderman is more comic book accurate than Tobey's. Because he looks and acts like a teenager compared to Tobey who was 24 years old at first Spiderman film. Because in the comics he is just 15-16 year old kid. At tha time teens were sidekicks like Robin or Barns so he was the first independent teen superhero who struggled because he was young and inexperienced, he didn't have a mentor like Batman to guide him. But in MCU Tom's Spiderman had Iron Man as mentor. I remembered Marvel's Civil war comics

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