Tom Holland new Spider-Man 4 script news explained and Tom Holland acting break explained. Tom Holland is quitting acting but only temporarily after filming and producing the Crowded Room. Spider-Man 4 is still being developed with Tom Holland’s Spider Man returning to the MCU. Tom Holland has also seemingly signed a new contract with Marvel Studios and Sony to continue to pla Spider-Man, perhaps both in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Sony Spider-verse.

Tom Holland’s Spiderman will be showing up not only in Spider Man 4, 5 and 6 and Avengers Kang Dynasty and Avengers Secret Wars but also possibly in the Sony Spider-verse for their big Spider-Man crossover event that they have planned for their future.




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Upcoming Marvel Phase 5 Movies and Shows | Marvel Phase 5 slate release dates:
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Release date February 17, 2023, movie
Secret Invasion Release date Spring 2023, Disney Plus
Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Release date May 5, 2023, movie
Echo Release date Summer 2023, Disney Plus
Loki season 2 Release date Summer 2023, Disney Plus
The Marvels Release date July 28, 2023, movie
Ironheart Release date Fall 2023, Disney Plus
Agatha: Coven of Chaos Release date Winter 2023/2024, Disney Plus
Daredevil: Born Again Release date Spring 2024, Disney Plus
Captain America: New World Order Release date May 3, 2024, movie
Thunderbolts Release date July 26, 2024, movie
Blade Release date September 6, 2024, movie

Upcoming Marvel Phase 6 Movies and Shows | Marvel Phase 6 slate release dates:
Fantastic Four release date February 14, 2024, movie
Deadpool 3 release date unknown – possibly November 8, 2024
Avengers: The Kang Dynasty release date May 2, 2025
Avengers: Secret Wars release date May 5, 2026
Spider Man 4 with Tom Holland release date unknown

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50 responses to “Tom Holland Talks SPIDER-MAN 4 SCRIPT DETAILS & His FUTURE AS SPIDER-MAN”

  1. I just hope Venom won't be a one off villian and have apperences in multiple movies. Like he gets it in Secret wars, have it in the 5th movie and then gets rid of it halfway through the 6th movie and pass it over to Eddie Brock. I hope they establish Brock and Parker's rivalry in the 4th movie so there will be more of an impact when Peter faces venom.

  2. I really love how you go deep into context and really take your time to explain what’s going on in the universe. I watch you faithfully. You’re awesome!

  3. Spider-Man 4 or another after should have daredevil working with Spider-Man to stop king pin who has rhino and scorpion working for him. Ned and M.J have a relationship starting becouse they don't remember peter. Peter tries to get M.J to remember him and she starts to remember small things and they become closer. Ned gets mad at peter and he ends up in a wheel chair and works for king pin or becomes Hobgoblin. Maybe hobgoblin in Spider-Man 4 and then Ned is in a wheel chair working for king pin Spider-Man 5.

  4. I feel like they are going to tease or make an Easter egg on the Miles Morales spider man caus of the fact that Tom Holland want's to move on with the spider man character

    I would so love to play miles

  5. I would love to see Ned come back as Hobgoblin, not just because I would like a villain who hasn't been onscreen yet, but consider: what if Ned embraced his darker impulses because he was made to forget the only real friend he ever had? Having HG be fallout from Peter's own impulsiveness could be heartbreaking.

  6. Instead of pulling him to an Avengers film, they should have him interact with Daredevil and more spidey villains. Maybe he can also interact with Hawkeye leading up to teaming up with Kate Bishop to form the Young Avengers. We know the world needs the next group of superheroes defending Earth but there is little incentive to get two groups. Other than a villain bringing them together, why else would they continue to be team mates?

  7. It'd be nice to see him as Spider-Man for a while longer but it's understandable if he wants to further his career. It would also be cool to see the first interaction with Spider-Man and Dr Strange after the spell either in Spider-Man 4 or one of the Avengers Movies.

  8. They've left this character in really good place, he's back as The friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man alone with a really good comic accurate suit..! I think were definitley getting another trilogy..!

  9. There’s so much left to tell with Spiderman and i’m so exited for what’s to come not only for the future of Spiderman, but also for Tom Holland’s future as the character. Tom has played the character so incredibly well, he is very talented and has grown to become my favourite Spiderman. We’re so lucky for the amazing work Tom has done playing Spiderman and for his continuation as the character in the future of the MCU

  10. If Tom holland want to change up the character they should make it more like Spider-Man PS4 slightly darker more experienced and very independent

  11. Hi@ The cosmic wonder this is the leaked title and plot for tom holland's spider man 4 In "Spider-Man: New Home," we would follow Tom Holland's portrayal of Peter Parker, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The film would take place after the events of "Spider-Man: No Way Home" and delve deeper into Peter's personal life and the challenges he faces as both a superhero and a young adult.

    After the events of the multiverse-spanning battle, Peter returns to his daily life in New York City, aiming to balance his responsibilities as Spider-Man with his relationships and obligations. However, he soon discovers that a new villainous threat has emerged in the city, endangering innocent lives and wreaking havoc.

    As Peter investigates the new threat, he encounters a mysterious individual known as the Home Builder. The Home Builder possesses advanced technology and a personal vendetta against Spider-Man, seeking to bring chaos to the city and expose Peter's identity once again.

    In the midst of this conflict, Peter's personal life becomes more complicated. He navigates his growing romantic relationship with MJ (Michelle Jones) while dealing with the academic pressures of college and the ever-present challenges of being a superhero. Peter relies on his closest friend, Ned Leeds, for support and guidance, but even their friendship is tested as they confront the dangers that come with Peter's alter ego.

    Throughout the film, Peter's journey of self-discovery intensifies as he grapples with the moral and ethical implications of being Spider-Man. He faces difficult choices, sacrifices, and lessons that shape his growth as a hero and as an individual.

    "Spider-Man: New Home" would showcase thrilling action sequences, emotional character development, and further exploration of Peter's place in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film would also provide opportunities for unexpected alliances, surprise cameos, and deeper connections to the overall MCU narrative.

  12. Since everybody wants to see Spider-Man miserable, what if MJ (Zendaya) moved on with another person since she has no recollection of Peter Parker.

  13. Hopefully in the next trilogy hopefully if the spell is broken from MJ maybe it could play into jealously maybe with peter meeting Gwen in college . We could also see black cat and see how her character develops , we could see hobgoblin , we could see sandman as a side villian, scorpion

    Also if tom wants to play for 7-8-9 he could be at his part time job with HIS universes otto and he could meet kraven the hunter , or mister negative and we could see him train miles and be a cameo in his movies with shocker, prowler and others

  14. Tom Holland is the best spiderman out there. Andrew Garfield was to underrated. I jus really have been in Awh of spiderman since his entrance into the MCU. They jus need to do the MCU take on the symbiote already!

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