This NEW Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ADVANCED Suit Is TRULY PERFECT in Spider-Man PC

Since Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay reveal as well as the digital deluxe and collector’s editions, modders like TangoTeds and Bogu as well as AgroFro have been working hard to bring the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Advanced suit into Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and each and every single one of these looks incredible! Today I’m showing you the Advanced Suit MK2 from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 by Bogu!

Expressive Animations by GuitarthVader

Marvels Spider-Man Camera swinging by Avernix

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36 responses to “This NEW Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ADVANCED Suit Is TRULY PERFECT in Spider-Man PC”

  1. bogu finally released this suit and im so happy, this looks more like the suit in the teaser trailer for spiderman 2 then the one tango made, even tho tangos is awesome, this one takes the cake imo

  2. I love this. Will Bogu make this public? Cause this suit has been my number 1 on my wishlist for a while, and even tho Tango fulfilled it… i still would love to try Bogu's as well.

  3. hello, can you please make a guide on how to fix the "mod already added" glitch in the smpc tool? i recently removed all my mods and decided to add fresh new ones but then it said "mod is already added" for all of them pls make a guide im confused

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