they are going HARD on events and sales – Marvel Future Fight

still 3-4 days before a sneak peek sheesh



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24 responses to “they are going HARD on events and sales – Marvel Future Fight”

  1. If you want some video ideas do some reviews on the past updates with the free cards to see how they compare when you dont have 25 pierced also do a t3 only characters that dont go to tear 4 rank up so new or returning players no you don't jlneed t4 for everything

  2. I have Sharon T3 with her old uni with energy, both miles and gwen is at lvl 60 t2. I have 2k+ crystals as of right now. I can't make any of them t4 soon. And u was saving crystals cor jean, considering all that what would u suggest i should do..? I have spare rage energy and judgement….i haven't unlocked stage 10 of any ofthe wbl, and i can't clear Jean grey wbl.

    ID : daMorningstar

  3. dude of course it's not the main events, in 65 days, we will have the 10th anniversary, the biggest event we will have yet, save up your crystal and money for that event, it's going to be bonkers.

  4. I'm just fine with going for the guaranteed 5* Artifact, I ended up with Spot's, so I didn't feel shafted, though I think I was hoping mostly for Sabertooth's.

  5. I watch some maches with gwen t4 with autorety or greed . I think she can be good with 40 % garuntee dodge. But i think she needs more damage for her 3th skill to kills enemies. I think greed can be good for her can you test her?

  6. If they're not coming out with a gem spending event, then none of this is worth it. It's stupid to have all these sales and not have a gem spending event.

  7. Just want u to know Alex whether u know it or not : you do an amazing job staying on top of MFF lore. And keeping us posted. Whether we say it or not just want u to know we appreciate u man

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