The Spot Goes to Venom’s Universe | Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Venom Easter Egg Explained

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Spider-Verse actually makes a lot of references and ties to other Spider-Man movies whether that’s the Sony Universe or the MCU, but one of the more shocking ones that had me waiting for a particular character to appear, was when The Spot used his portals to actually travel to Eddie Brock’s Universe from the two Venom MOvies we’ve gotten so far. As he’s figuring out his powers and the fact that his spots can be gateways to other dimensions, The Spot opens a portal and pokes his head out into another world where we see a woman in a corner store going about her day, not really all that surprised when Spot sticks his 3D animated head out and says hello, explaining that he’s becoming a trans-dimensional super being, which doesn’t impress the lady, who we know to be Mrs. Chen, whose store is right below Eddie’s apartment. The two are actually so close that for a while Venom stayed within Mrs. Chen’s body, making Spot really lucky that he didn’t pop over during that time because i’m sure Venom would’ve had questions especially after the last time he accidentally momentarily got involved in the Muliverse. This isn’t the only live action easter egg we see in the film, but geez it made me wish we got to see Eddie for atleast a minute before Spot poofed away.

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Video Title: The Spot Goes to Venom’s Universe | Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Venom Easter Egg Explained

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26 responses to “The Spot Goes to Venom’s Universe | Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Venom Easter Egg Explained”

  1. maybe in beyond the spiderverse spot is gonna gather a bunch of the multiverse spidermans villains for a epic fight scene

  2. My weird numbingly nonsense Theory : Everytime spot went into other dimensions from his "Holes" there is always a spider man. My theories is. Is there a Spider man in this Venom Universe?

  3. They were kinda lazy in this part as they used this scene from the 2nd movie were venom is in ms chen, amd only cut out anne and the doctor and throw spot in, in replacement, i really wish i couldeve like the scene but idk it jus bothers me the smallest bit to much, put the 2 sences together and youll see what i mean…. still loved the movie tho absulute masterpiece and cant wait for the beyond

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