The OTHER Spider-Man Air Jordan 1 From Spider-Man Across The Spiderverse

Hey Guys! Today we take a detailed look and review at the other Air Jordan 1 sneaker from Spider-Man Across the Spiderverse.

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classic spiderman suit Whether you’re a longtime fan of the web-slinging hero or simply looking to make a statement, this costume is a must-have for any cosplay collection.

30 responses to “The OTHER Spider-Man Air Jordan 1 From Spider-Man Across The Spiderverse”

  1. I originally thought they were some SB Dunk Highs like the Black Grapes. I miss the Next Chapter Jordan 1s, so I was hoping these would release 🙃

  2. Clean pair with out the pouch on the back. I’m sure they will make a prowler 1 for the public with different materials maybe 🤷🏽‍♂️ or I can see them make a pack of the Spider-Man and Prowler 1s. It’s the final movie so they gotta go big

  3. Im positive i would get one even at $300 price but if 400 which means double the price of Next Chapter, i might consider other option to put ny money to.

  4. That’s bull crap why not release the shoe to the public? That’s so freaking stupid! Like why pass up on money they coulda sold these for 400$ and I woulda brought them on release date. Like why pass up and opportunity to complete a trilogy collection pair of Air jordan 1’s.

  5. Prowler Miles is probably an anti-hero. I’m guessing he’ll take from the Hobie Brown version of the Prowler and Spider-Man will eventually show him the light

  6. I loved these the moment I saw Earth 42 Miles with these on. Really hate I’ll never get my hands on them but man, I really love these. 🥲😮‍💨

  7. Hello from Oregon, home of Nike. Interesting shoe, was one the fence with purchasing the Spider-Man Across the Spider Verse "Next Chapter"Jordan 1. Decided to hang with my Lost and Found pair for now. Thank you for the review, new sub!

  8. They look super sick, but man the bag on the back looks so goofy, regardless i tried to enter the raffle on DROPS but its next to impossible to find

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