The New Spider-Verse Shoes

Spider Man Across The Spider Verse Nike Air Jordan shoes that Miles Prowler wears

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  1. I think this miles is called miles g morales like earth 616 Peter is Peter Parker and the other Peter is Peter B Parker. So I think it’s a way to show the difference between different variants that had different events happen to them and their world

  2. Wait a second, something doesn't add up. When Miles is on Earth-42, he glitches, right?

    But when testing his DNA to "go home" to save his dad. The machine sent him to Earth-42 because his DNA is from there due to the spider bite.

    So, him glitching shouldn't be a thing because his DNA comes from both worlds.

    So why is he still glitching?

  3. Did not age well, for all people who don’t know what I mean, just know that apparently Sony or whoever made these shoes aren’t really selling them. They are apparently gonna be for people working in the company only. It’s not the guys fault for posting this, but then again I could be wrong and they might just sell these shoes

  4. fun fact: there was a clip for beyond the spider verse where the miles that was supposed to become the prowler is stealing from the rich and has to basically swing away with some gadgets. seeing that miles swing around the way he was without him being spider man shows that he was supposed to be spider man.

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