The Marvels: Meet the Surprising Second Skrull Group

The Marvels got some new pictures and details from an Entertainment Weekly article – let’s discuss!

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00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Discussing the SAG & WGA Strikes
02:58 – Skrulls in The Marvles?
09:34 – What’s Fury doing here?
11:34 – Discussing the new suits and defined powers!
19:46 – New Characters – an ally of Carol’s, and Dar-Benn
24:36 – Those bangles again!
26:42 – The tone of The Marvels

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44 responses to “The Marvels: Meet the Surprising Second Skrull Group”

  1. Fun fact: Marvel actually did have one of their ABC TV Shows premiere in theatres three weeks prior to the series premiere. It unfortunately was for Inhumans but you got to see the first two episodes nearly a month before their release!

  2. They say that the original plan was for her to be a mutant but I think they’re lying trying to save face for basically saying she’s a mutant in the MCU, but she’s better off as an inhuman imo, I’m not up to date with the most recent comics because they’re a bit washed but she dies and will become a mutant/Xman now? Marvel and their self retcons 😂 but it’s nice to see Iman being allowed to write an arc for her in the comics is it? She’s such a open nerd like we are that Fiege is like yeah she knows her stuff, put her on😂 she’s living our dream atm and I love it

  3. Love from Canada 🇨🇦 love you guys and I’ll still support for the rest of the team but I’m really upset about the firings and hope everyone’s contracts can get resolved and they can come back! (With medical)

  4. 31:00 ⚡ The original plan when the comics were developed was for Ms. Marvel to be a mutant. Because Fox still had the X-Men rights, the comics team was made to make her Inhuman, instead. They're just finally bringing her back to where she was always supposed to be! And her new X-Men suit is amazing. 😻

  5. “Don’t stop the count” sounds like a shirt if Sesame Street makes another movie. Could have The Count underneath the phrase. Could have something cool either around or on them

  6. The Skrulls in the background of the image from the Marvels aren't actually Skrulls, they are humans that have havested Skrull DNA and learned to shapeshift for a new series called Super Secret Invasion.

  7. I can't wait for THE MARVELS!! Brie Larson, Iman Vellani, and Teyonah Parris are gonna kick ass and take names. Higher, Futher,Faster…Together.

  8. Monica controls the whole spectrum of ummmmmmmmmm, light….. ummmmm…
    Bro read a comic book without looking like Patrick Bateman looking at the prompter or listening to the real fans yelling facts to you off screen..

  9. Hi fan theory sorry I missed ur live. But with all these different outfits …. could one of these captain marvels be a skrull … especially the captain marvel in the darker colors on.

  10. Carol never married Prince Yan in the comics, she was asked to stop the Marriage between him and Lila Cheney.
    Not sure why it's such a common misconception.

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