The FNAF Movie Trailer Has Some Crazy LORE! | Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie Trailer Reaction

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Friends, I’m FINALLY back on the couch to react to/breakdown the FNAF Movie Trailer! I’ve stayed entirely blind to it up to this point so I could give my honest reaction and discuss what we’re seeing together. Can Blumhouse and Scott Cawthon team up to make the move that all Five Nights At Freddy’s fans are wanting? Let’s dive in and find out!

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0:00 – The Witty Banter
3:25 – rats in the vents! (iykyk)
1:06:10 – The Witty Wrap Up

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33 responses to “The FNAF Movie Trailer Has Some Crazy LORE! | Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie Trailer Reaction”

  1. Matpat has definitely been to set and is just pretending not to have been. Aint no way je instantly recognized a grainy photo of Dawko in the background.

  2. Someone's probably said this, but maybe "female villain" is Mrs. Afton.
    So maybe William didn't like her messing with or interfering with stuff, so he attacked her as Springtrap. 🤷‍♀ Maybe that's a stretch, but there's not much to go off of in terms of "female villain".

  3. 43:50
    Me being so confused because Matpat and everyone else are calling brown shirt Cassidy just because they're a little more forward than the other kids but I'm over here thinking they're being color-coded and accessory-coded (and with G. Freddy barely appearing and yellow shirt kid being half hidden behind Mike)

    Like im so confuuseddd 😭 I dont understand what everyone else is seeing, the other 3 kids are color coded why wouldn't brown shirt and yellow stripped shirt be too??

    58:50 This is a call back to the first ever teaser clip from the fnaf movie, when Mike was beating up a guy in a mall fountain. Probably why he was unemployed in the beginning of this trailer.

  4. Is it just me or was it super obvious that Mike just got turned into golden freddy at the end there? Like the mechanism that was coming at his face LOOKED like two eyes and the jaw/mouth gears. Then the eyes turned blue cause movie cheesy good guy trope of red = bad, blue/green/different = good. And that would also explain the immediate and random good relationship that the animatronic has with the little girl.

  5. 57:47 This might be a flashback. Mike may have worked security somewhere prior, looks like a mall. He may have been fired because of the scene we're seeing here. It may be why he was willing to work the night shift security gig for Freddy's.

  6. 15:15 It was theorised in the comments of the last video, it was a typical thing in the 70s and 80s with the signs the o's were red, because numbers were usually red. When the signs lost a letter like O they would just replace it with the 0 as a letter instead, therefore the color.

  7. The boy in the car with the airplane is young Mike in a flashback or vision Mike is having, as we see him watching the car leave and is encircled by the ghost kids. Young Mike is leaving the forest of the ghost kids. Perhaps he was an intended victim who got away. Or, perhaps he is being taken from his home after the death of his mother (chunky heels), and apparent lack of a father (Afton?). Being in the pizzaria jogs repressed memories, hence the vision dreams. This brings a reckoning with family trauma and peace to the ghost kids.

    A young Mike and social worker are listed in the cast.

    Maybe the people we saw going into the house through the garage caused the death of young Mike's mom. One finding the tunnel to the pizzaria and getting killed there.

  8. The kid with the red shirt in the car- Is that Mike as a child?

    Maybe dude knew the missing children? I don't know if that's a literal, "he's in the car leaving the woods," or a metaphorical moment where he's divided from the children outside in the woods by the car which is clearly driving him away as he's staring out the back window.

  9. Dear Matt: I think the part of Mike getting a mask forsed onto his face is him becoming golden Freddy and because of that he protects the kid "I forgot her name" and that could be the reason to the missing parts and they could be hiding the worst damage.

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