The Bucs With The Most To Prove In 2023

Pewter Report starts off the week by discussing which Bucs players have the most to prove this upcoming season.

There are a couple of players that need to perform well in order to be a mainstay on Tampa Bay’s roster.

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8 responses to “The Bucs With The Most To Prove In 2023”

  1. Seriously worried about the o-line. both tackles are changing position & moving to a new zone blocking scheme which requires more athleticism. Center is coming back from an injury. RT was a turnstyle last yr, and now is next to a rookie. Feidler may not be athletic enough to be a zone blocker. There are no decent backup tackles… what's the fall back for that. If the line is average it may be a miracle. If that doesnt work out then whether or not the QB/rbs are any good is really moot.

  2. Just an asinine type comment of not wanting Dalvin Cook over White. An all pro vs someone who you don’t know what you’re getting with White. Sure potential is there for White but Cook would get extra attention and alleviate pressure on the qb whoever that is. Cook, Godwin and Evans would be scary for opposing defenses to try and game plan around. Elliot would be rb2 behind White so that makes more sense for White to have every opportunity to be that guy.

  3. JTS has to show up. The post Super Bowl draft was already the one that cost us a third Lombardi. Between him, Trask and Darden it could be the one that costs Bowles his job.

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