The Biggest Copycat Characters in Comic History Explained – Who Copied Who?

In this episode, we talk about the biggest copycat characters between DC and Marvel. Ever wondered who copied who? Well we’re breaking it down for you!

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24 responses to “The Biggest Copycat Characters in Comic History Explained – Who Copied Who?”

  1. Mr. Fantastic and Elongated Man were both copied from the Jimmy Olsen Elastic Lad character. I'M JOKING! Jack Cole's Plastic Man.
    While the focus of this video was on Marvel and DC, the Marvel Black Cat's name is VERY SIMILAR to the Harvey Comics Black Cat.
    And too trivial to mention but there was an Australian Man-Thing movie. Pretty bad, aired once on SyFy.
    And while not as acclaimed as Alan Moore, Steve Gerber wrote an excellent run of Man-Thing stories (with Mike Ploog artwork).

  2. I believe Ironman is a Copy of Batman
    Both are billionaires
    Both do not have any superpowers
    Both depends on gadgets
    Both are playboys
    Both have strong proteges
    Both of the characters parents were killed
    Both are the second in command of their respective teams
    Both have butlers who support them in their work

  3. You forgot to mention, that Namor and Aquaman are both Half human and Half Atlantean. You also mention the elongated man while showing a picture of Plastic man. and DC copies it's own characters as they have many with similar powers. Deathstroke and Peacemaker just to name as an example. Also I forgot to mention that a lot of the copied characters may be to the fact that Jack Kirby worked for both DC and Marvel. So he just took his character and gave it new life in the other publishing house.

  4. The only reason dr strange more popular because he has more movies thats it. While dc only have 1 movie with dr fate appearance and its wild the fans. Dr fate is more than dr strange for me. But DC is destroyed

  5. Not exactly a copy, but I’ve always thought of Ironman as Batman copy: both normal humans, both super intelligent, both extremely rich, both like to play/fight with their toys, both playboys and both a quintessential member of their respective comic super team.

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