The Amazing Spider-Man 1 Suit is SO GOOD

I’ve never got why people disliked the amazing spider-man 1 suit, because to me it is maybe the best
spider-man redesign ever. It manages to take something so familiar and change it to be just the right ammount different
where it is respecting the original design.

I understand why it is a bit polarizing, its got a lot features which are really wierd but surprisingly work, atleast for me.
Like those yellow lenses for example.

They’re probably the most controversial part of the suit, but they fit with the general design really well.
When I look at any image where he’s edited to have the traditional white eyes it just looks off to me.

I also feel it complements how spider-man is little more vengeful in this movie.
He designed this suit in the first place to help him find a killer,
not necessarily to embody with great power comes great responsibility.

The movie has a more serious tone and I think the suit works with that so well.
And I would agree if this suit was in any other movie it would not look as good.

So much of the scenes take place in dark places at night. And thats where the suit looks best.

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13 responses to “The Amazing Spider-Man 1 Suit is SO GOOD”

  1. The amount of detailing this suit is unnecessary but for some odd reason helps to make the overall design look sharper and more intimidating. I love how it's the opposite of TASM2's suit in that it was designed by an angsty and easily angered teenager who's main goal is vengeance, like if I saw Pete wearing the TASM1 suit in the middle of the night I'd just turn and run because he looks like he's out for blood

  2. nah tshit ugly asf it just looks different thats all every spider man suit looked good when it dropped, no need for a video essay, everyones favorite spiderman suit is when they fell in love w spiderman

  3. TASM 1 is set in dark theme even it's suit is dark but other movies have colorful theme even TASM 2 and this is what makes this movie different than other Spider-man movies.

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