Symbiote Spider-Man Humbles Mysterio


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37 responses to “Symbiote Spider-Man Humbles Mysterio”

  1. I love that even the symbiote spiderman cracks jokes even though his entire character was supposed to be like a stronger, darker version of pete. But oh when he gets serious, ye u know nothing beating him.

  2. Marvel and Disney need to start making stand alone movies on all these different story lines for heroes instead of connecting all these movies together making it damn near mandatory to watch them all to even understand half the jokes they have in the movies.

  3. I like how in these dark stories of what spiderman does, its symbiote spiderman instead of spiderman, since venom makes him 10x more deadly and hella more menacing and angry, basically just a villain without being one

  4. The sad part is mysterios near redemption was a kind of mirror of the uncle Ben scenario. He’s does something that shouldn’t have negative repercussions there is a major fatal repercussion and he swears to change his life. If spidey had been less paranoid or at least listened before the beat down he probably would of sympathized

  5. I really hope we get Black Cat in the MCU. I feel like if she was already an established hero(?), he wouldn't have as much of an issue with her getting harmed, which is imo what kept him away from MJ

  6. This version of Spider-man should have been a surprise post credit scene in Across The Spider Verse with Gwen trying to recruit him.

  7. There’s a game I played on wii where I could have black suited Spider-Man fight mysterio I could sis team up with Deadpool or whoever lol miss that game .

  8. I randomly picked up the first issue for this and bought the whole run as it came out, so fun to see it coming around and getting more attention. wish the main line spidey comic were any good at all the last 10 years or so except the Spencer run

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