Suits I Would LOVE To See in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Insomniac has started showing off some suits we will see in Spider-Man 2, and so far (besides the deluxe suits) so good! In this video I just go through some of my personal favorite suits that I would really love to see within the game. I really hope you enjoy the video!

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10 responses to “Suits I Would LOVE To See in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2”

  1. I need that Final no way home suit!!! Especially since we haven't really gotten anything from it since the movie.
    Cosmic Spider-man would be so cool!
    Miles – I need that jacket and jordans!
    All top notch picks for spider-suits!!
    They could add the orange and white one and the chasm one that are newer and could be added (even if they aren't the best)
    Specatcular spider-man would be awesome with a similar animated design kind of like how in the first game there were different animation styles for some of the suits
    if some how they were allowed Spider-boy from the amalgam universe
    Max brone spider-man as well (with the arms since peter will have the suits arm this time around)
    For Miles there's the post clone saga suit he wore.
    and a carnage venom suit from dark ages
    but those are just some off the top of my head from the many suits spider-man has!

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