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There was a notion that his death didn’t define Peter. If it seems as though Peter is hearing these words for the first time, it’s because he is. The second iteration of Spider-Armor is admittedly more stylish, and it was slimmer and just as bulletproof as the first set of Spider-Armor. While this perspective on the character is not a direct adaptation of the character Lee and Ditko created, it values the spirit of what they aimed for: to approach these characters as humans first and super-beings second. Now, rather than having to figure out his place in a world of Avengers, he has to figure out his place in a world without them, while also dealing with the fact that he died and came back five years later, and the planet is searching for the next hero to be its world-saving savior. While Peter opted for blue and red, Miles went with the combination of black and red, giving him an appearance that mimics an actual black widow spider. As for when we’ll actually get to see the next chapter of Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s story, spider man homemade suit that’s a question we can’t presently answer.

It’s refreshing to see Peter Parker get back to the basics of the character at the end of the film, a poor adult in a crappy New York apartment, with a homemade costume, and content, because of the lessons he learned across three films from a superhero idol who initially seemed so different from him, from two other versions of himself who solidified for him what it means to be Spider-Man, and from Aunt May who not only got to raise Peter Parker but Spider-Man as well, leading him to go off in the world and continue her legacy of helping those who need it most. But must Peter Parker be a Christ figure. Peter’s chat with Uncle Ben parallels Christ’s conversation with God in the garden of Gethsemane just before his arrest and crucifixion in which The Bible states he said, “My father, if it is possible, let this cup pass me by.” The Christ parallels are numerous in Spider-Man 2, including a shot of Peter being held up by the subway passengers he saved with his body in the position of Christ on the crucifix.

Should Spider-Man exist, cost Peter numerous personal relationships, including his wife and child, because of a mistake he made as a teenager, and the seemingly infallible Ben Parker? None of the other Spider-Man movies featured a whole world of heroes, but in the MCU Peter has grown up seeing men in metal suits, gods, and resurrected war heroes fight to protect the world, which had to have created inherent differences in his character and his perception of the world. Parker travels to Berlin and meets with Fury, only to realize that the version before him is an illusion created by Beck. There’s a healing moment across three generations of Spider-Men as they all deal with the fact that there is no perfect version of themselves who made all the right choices. What’s more is that Watts, and screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers, drive home the idea that May’s death and delivery of those words isn’t the same as Uncle Ben’s to the other two Spider-Men (Maguire and Andrew Garfield) who come to Peter’s aid. What’s important about this revision of events that every Spider-Man fan knows by heart is that Peter gets this final lesson in responsibility not because he did the wrong thing, but because he did the right thing.

This lesson isn’t one that separates Peter from being a hero or being selfish, money-obsessed showboat as the comic book origin and previous films suggested. He aspires to be one of Earth’s mightiest heroes, not unlike Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s Spider-Man aspired to be on the most popular team of his era, the Fantastic Four, in the first issue of his self-titled series in 1963. He’s been given all the tools to be an Avenger thanks to his Stark tech-enabled suit, but he has none of the patience or lived experience to truly use that tech in the best way. In the epilogue of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Peter visits May’s grave, which is notable in the fact that there is no Uncle Ben beside her, lending further credence to the fact that Ben may not have been someone Peter even knew, spider man far from home suit and didn’t shape his journey as Spider-Man in the same way.

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