Spider-Man Reveals his identity to Jonah Jameson

Spider-Man Reveals himself to J. Jonah Jameson
From a comic book: Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man (2017-) #6
Creators: Chip Zdarsky, Adam Kubert, Jordie Bellaire.

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48 responses to “Spider-Man Reveals his identity to Jonah Jameson”

  1. Thanks for this vid. I never read that comic, but I always wondered how it could've gone down if Parker told JJ all that time. I kinda wanted to see that happen in the (T.M.) Spiderman films.

  2. I love how they didn’t make the argument super one sided, both Peter and Jonah have very valid points. In a lot of Spider-Man media Jonah is the comic relief and even portrayed as an idiot sometimes. Which I love, but I feel like because of that a lot of people forget that we only side with Peter because we know he has the best of intentions. If someone like Spider-Man existed in real life, running around stopping whoever he personally deems bad, with no legal accountability, we’d be lucky if Jonah was the only person hiring Spider-Man kill squads

  3. Hang on! Why's Jonah speaking with a British accent?
    The part where Peter revealed his secet Idenitity to Jonah and called him family, made my eyes misty. Then, the dams burst & I really couldn't help myself.
    GREAT story.
    FANTASTIC narration!
    MANY THANKS for posting this!



  4. After this event, JJJ had become one of Spider-Man's best amazing friends. Sure he sometimes bumbles and screws things up by mistake like he accidentally revealed Past Peter's Identity to Green Goblin when trying to tell his past self to go easy on Peter, but he truly is one of Spider-Man's best allies in the 616 comics

  5. Duuude!!!! If I could pay for a whole comic made that way, I would pay any money! It's a big alternative for mainstream movies and youngs that only watch movies and cartoons of marvel! This is Marevlous!

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