Spider-Man Plays Poker with Kingpin

Spider-Man Versus Kingpin.
In Poker.
The Spectacular Spider-Man #21
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24 responses to “Spider-Man Plays Poker with Kingpin”

  1. Black cat should be the absolute worst person to play poker with, her super power is bringing bad luck
    Unless she didn’t have it in this story

  2. In a way this kind of reminds me of an episode of Batman the animated series called "almost got him" where the villains reminisce on the times they almost got Batman!

  3. I heard Cerebral Palsy and immediately thought "oh yeah, Doc Ock."

    I dont know if what Doc Ock has exactly is Cerebral Palsy, but his failing limbs just makes me think

  4. 3:25: I like to think that the interaction is reminiscent of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Think of it:

    Kingpin: HAHAHAHAHAHA! I got a Full House! What do you have, Web Crawler?!?
    Spider-Man: Gee, does that beat me? All I have are two pair. reveals cards A pair of nines. And another pair of nines.
    Kingpin: … … … Kingpin.exe has stopped responding
    Spider-Man: Hey, do you mean I win?

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