SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME S.H. Figuarts Integrated Suit Comparison

“I’m grateful, dear boy! Truly!”

Spider-Man S.H. Figuarts comparison with the Integrated suit editions.

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5 responses to “SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME S.H. Figuarts Integrated Suit Comparison”

  1. While the original is a decent figure, it was a bit boring. I instantly regretted buying it. Yes, the new one looks great compared to it. At the same time, how many times is SHF going to release a figure only to release a better/more accurate version of the same thing in a short time frame? With how many Endgame figures have they done this? They released Deadpool without guns only to bring him out again with them. To me, that is incredibly unfriendly to their customers and is completely greed based. I can't support buying their products anymore, especially as their prices increase, quality lowers (I've had joints crumble to dust on their own), and their complete lack of aftersales support.

  2. the colors on the final battle suit are more accurate and i like how they used a new body, it looks more like tom’s spider-man

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