Spider-Man No Way Home After the Hype

Spider-Man No Way Home’s release was one of the biggest comic book movie events of all time. Now that some time has passed, I want to take a look back at it after the hype has died down.

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34 responses to “Spider-Man No Way Home After the Hype”

  1. I could not stop laughing when Norman Osborne in the Alley way looks up worried, and the Helmet yells " COWARD". After all these years the helmet still bothers him like a crazy girlfriend. I died laughing.

  2. i avoided ALL media pertaining to marvel so that i could go into the movie with no expectations, boy was i shook when all my old favorite characters started popping up

  3. The multiverse thing is fine in the Spiderverse movie….but having multiverses being based on different actors playing the role is just nonsense….

  4. It's magical how NWH pushes the MCU and its current theme forward with the multiversal threats and at the same time gives their version of Spiderman a complete arch and wraps up a trilogy with incredible fan service and sets up another set of Spiderman movies taking Peter forward.

  5. I think with them erasing everyones memory of peter, it can open up alot of possibilities for better stories to be told. I just hope they took some notes with the reception they got from no way home and impliment it in the new films. They gotta lean more to the serious tones and less of the mcu comedy.

  6. Spiderverse started the multiverse trend — they did it well and everyone followed, so Sony showed à successful blueprint with the animated movie and now we're in the era of universe this and universe that.

  7. The reason Doctor Strange was easily convinced to help Peter with the spell was because it was an easy spell, that he had done before to make Wong forget that party.

  8. I couldn't stand it. The stupid humor all the time take the stakes of the characters away. The enemies are about to kill everyone and Spiderman is making stupid jokes for the audience to laugh. The marvel funny recipe is done.

  9. I actually really enjoy that Dr. Strange just does this reality changing magic so nonchalant. Really plays into his arrogance. Hes done this spell for wild parties, why wouldnt this work? Then peter throwing in all these additonal changes, and strange still thinking that he can keep this spell under control.

  10. In hindsight this is a mediocre movie strung together with a few cool scenes. The cgi, color palet, sets and writting are kind of awful. It's just a bunch of people hanging out in a basement and an apartment

  11. I remember so well how my parents said I couldn’t watch Spider-Man 2 cause I was too young, only to get me to cinema and say “we gonna watch that movie from last time again” with a big grin moments before the Spider-Man title music started 🥹💕

  12. Yeah it was kind of hard to not think that Andrew and tobey were not returning. They really had doc ox in the trailers so tobey was always a given in my eyes.

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