SPIDER-MAN No Way Home 3pk – Comparisons + FIGURE GIVEAWAY(S)

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29 responses to “SPIDER-MAN No Way Home 3pk – Comparisons + FIGURE GIVEAWAY(S)”

  1. I like these new figures! Tobey’s one is ok, but I think the colouring looks a lot brighter than it should be. I LOVE Tom’s figure, and how the web lines are so visible. I also LOVE Andrew’s figure! Looks incredible! My favourite Spidey is Andrew, but Tom is growing on me and is my second favourite. This is followed by Tobey, who I think is good, but not Spectacular! Or Amazing! Also I liked, subscribed and left a comment, so I hope a win the giveaways.

  2. This video was amazing makes me want to do the bully Maguire dance I remember watching this movie and all of the Spider-Man movies if I do get the figure I’m definitely going to watch spider man three or two most likely three because I have symbiote figures I don’t have any spider man figures when I was a kid I had this small mini figure it had no joints I took it everywhere when I went to a restaurant or anywhere but one day he was gone it made me really sad I’m going to like this video it was one of my favorites out of the ones you make the symbiote spider man was my favorite yet again you video was amazing love your vids my fav spider man is Tobey

  3. My only gripe with the NWH Tobey Spider-Man is that they made him kind of unmuscularly soft. Head sculpt is great but the body looks like a saggy grandpa cosplay Spider-Man. I know he wasn't as muscular in the movie but the figures make him look way to soft. SAWFT..Soft!😋

  4. Dude..another great video! You've articulated my excitement about 1st seeing the Tobey Spider-Man movie trailer. I couldn't believe we were getting a Spider-Man with white goggle lenses and an actual comic book looking suit! My toybiz 6 inch spidey ad my 18 inch Spider-Man 2 are some of my favorite toys in my collection to this day.Thanks again for the in depth review!

  5. Look Carbon, The reason i want a 3 pack is because I have just recently started collecting, I am only 4 figures in and they are all cheap marvle legends, the reason for that is because my parents have been working hard recently, and can barley pay for the house, they don't really have any extra money that I could use. Also I don't have any. The reason I would LOVE this 3 pack is because you are my favorite youtube, and I have never won a giveaway and I would love to win one from you. Also Spider Man is my favorite superhero from the MCU. And I have been dying to get my hands on a Andrew Figure Becuse Andrew is my favorite spiderman, Then tobey then holland. i Have watched every spiderman movie at least 2 or 3 times and my parents think I'm so annoying cause of it. i would love to win this, so please take this into consideration, I love the channel, keep up the VERY good work, and I love you and stay strong!

  6. I really want this 3pk i never had an action figure but i love them and they are too exensive to order and in my country we can only order action figures

  7. bro that Tobey Maguire figure from Spider-man 3 brings back a LOT of memories. I played with that one all the time. I recently found it again at my local comic shop and that was a HUGE deal for me. I just recently discovered your channel and I love what you're doing. Keep it up!

  8. I think my favorite spiderman out of the set is definitely tobie Maguire idk why he his but growing up with him I guess that's why, love you carbon scoring!!

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