Spider-Man Miles Morales Fights The Marvel Universe

▸ Miles Morales is a teenager from Brooklyn who was bitten by a Genetically Altered Spider and became Earth-1610’s Spider-Man following the death of that reality’s Peter Parker.

After the Multiverse was destroyed and subsequently rebuilt, Miles Morales, along with his friends and family, were transported to Earth-616 and rewritten into that world’s history.

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Spider-Man Miles Morales Fights The Marvel Universe

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21 responses to “Spider-Man Miles Morales Fights The Marvel Universe”

  1. Hey Rob, Long time viewer, love your stuff.
    Chances are you probably won't even read this. Odds are forever NOT in my favor…lol
    Just an idea/request for your Beyond Omega characters…
    Access (Axel Asher) from Marvel/DC….
    would be interesting to see/hear your opinion.

  2. love these videos and your page but on this video like an hour could have been cut from this video because you repeat so much info so many times, its giving me a headache

  3. Mistero vs miles and Peter, the fight would be over in 2 seconds, mistero really, such a dumb villain. And not even close fight vs miles and Peter together, and it’s surprising cause BRIAN, is a good writer, but sometimes he writes dumb stuff, like this.

  4. Funny how old these videos are. Because there officially is a Miles Morales 616. He’s a white dude that works for Kingpin and got stuck outside his universe trying to get back.

  5. You accidentally skipped a bunch of Miles Morales stories.
    I have Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Volume 3 and it is a completely different story and takes place further than this, but the ending says “Miles Morales will be seen next in Secret Wars.”

  6. I want to see this happen now. I know the Invincible comic series is finished, but I would like to see something like this happen, a crossover of sorts.

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