Spider-Man Is Judged By GWEN STACY!

This is when Spider-Man was judged by a dead Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider-Man marvel comics series! #shorts #marvel #spiderman

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33 responses to “Spider-Man Is Judged By GWEN STACY!”

  1. "Hey here's the love of your life that was taken from you, y'know, as a reward for being a good person……… SIKE hahahaha ahh works everytime."

  2. This is like being in an accident, losing the ability to walk, still striving to live your best life and do right by others, having it be rewarded with a miracle cure, and finally walking after all this time… only for the doctor to LIFT YOU OVER HIS HEAD AND BREAK YOUR SPINE. You know, because being forever miserable is your Status quo, and GOD FORGIVE you feel happy for even a SECOND

  3. Writers: so in this one how about we rip everything from him, then give it back, only to take it away again?…
    Other writers: HOLY SHIT, WRITE THAT DOWN!!

  4. The funny thing for me is after I read this comic, then read at the end of the event how the X-men started reviving the people who died, I sat there mad at the X-men like "wtf! If anyone deserves to have their loved ones brought back, it's Peter Parker

  5. I love stories where those celestial beings give the hero a gift like being able to see and talk to a person they loved thats passed on its bitter sweet

  6. A sullestela being that takes on the form of Gwen and judge Peter!? What was marvel was thinking, so now everyone is being judge by their own dead friend or relative?

  7. Bro… Give this man a break. Just let him be happy for once, God damn.

    It's like that time MJ literally died due to Peter banging her. Like, he got his woman and then you're like 'yay! Maybe they could start a family and that'd be totally nice!'… That idea gets brutally slain.

  8. naaa cuz if the celestial judged peter as not worthy then no one would be worthy bruh, iirc only him and cap were considered worthy

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