*Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse* is so EMOTIONAL Reaction

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41 responses to “*Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse* is so EMOTIONAL Reaction”

  1. Fantastic reaction as always from both of you awesome girls. I'm looking forward to seeing Laura experience all of the Spider-Man movies. Speaking of which I see the first 2 of the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies have been on YouTube Members for a day or two now and I'm hoping you can get them uploaded to Patreon soon so I can enjoy them too. Thank you in advance Magy.

    Thank you both for this awesome reaction Laura & Magy.

  2. The Spiderverse team had the cajones to show off the upside down rising scene in trailers and blew everyone's mind. Then we saw it again in the actual movie and it STILL blew everyone away. What a beautiful shot for one of THE MOST IMPACTFUL moments in the movie!

  3. All these reactions prove one thing: People love Spider-Woman Gwen Stacey and want to know more about her history. Every single reactor says "she's awesome/cool" or something similar.

  4. Fun facts:

    Miles has a special framerate trough the movie.

    Until he accepts his powers, he runs at 12 FPS, and after that, he goes double like all the other Spider-People.

    When the collider "explodes", you can see the other Spider-People be launched trough the city.

    After the accident that broke the USB, Miles starts to keep his shoes tied.

    Peni's mouth is only synched with what she says in the Japanese dub.

  5. This film is so good in my opinion animation is better than live action the only time I cried during a live action superhero movie was during The Dark Knight Rises that's pretty much it I've cried a lot while watching the DCAU and this film they are so beautiful I hope you react to the DCAU one day it's so good in my opinion it's better than the MCU and DCU it's just a masterpiece

  6. As i watch the movie again and check for details, I noticed that miles' Jordan looks like the Jordan 1 Retro Chicago 2013 with the jumpman logo on the front but none on the back

  7. Magy: "That wasn't supposed to happen."

    You have no idea how right you are. In fact, I think those words will come back to haunt you while you watch the sequel.

    Thanks so much for recommending this awesome movie to your friend!

  8. If Marc Webb doesn't return for TASM3

    Then Sony should let PHIL LORD and CHRIS MILLER direct and produce it

    They can save it from AVI ARAD, just like they did with SPIDER-VERSE

  9. I can tell they dont read the spider comics based on their reactions to the different spider heroes coning out 🎉 cant wait to see their reaction ATSV

  10. It’s seriously not a surprise at all that this won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature film! I mean, come on! The animation in this is freaking outstanding! ❤🎉🤩

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