Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is One of the BEST Superhero Movies – Watchalong

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28 responses to “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is One of the BEST Superhero Movies – Watchalong”

  1. Nobody seems to have ever pegged to the idea that, even if Kingpin found another family and grabbed them, they would glitch out and die in only a few days just like the Spider people. What would he do then, keep grabbing more families from more dimensions? Liv was aware of the problem, but she didn't have a solution yet if she was just going to watch Peter B die and not experiment on him with some remedy.

  2. Hello, I'm one of the probably many people in the comments telling you what the loss is with the mech. That mech was built by her father, so in a way it's probably all she has left of him. The spider lives, and she can build a new one, but that last connection she had with him is lost.

  3. I think that Penny Parker's robot itself was built by her dad, thats why she was sad. She could build her own robots for sure, but that was the last thing her dad made for her I think.

  4. Miguel is a villain. He is going against with great power must also come great responsibility. This is the motto that Peter learns by standing aside and not doing anything. Which got his Uncle killed. Spider-Man always tries to save everyone. Regardless if it is impossible.

  5. I don’t do this for every movie I like but once AtSV comes out on Blu-ray, I’m getting it. Same goes for Beyond the Spiderverse. I already got Into the Spiderverse on Blu-ray, and after the sequel, I went, “fuck it…I’m getting the whole trilogy on Blu-ray.”

  6. You guys are LIARS!!! One of the best superhero movies… no…. Ohhh, ok. Yeah I retract my opening vitriol. This movie is amazing (Spiderman) and you guys are somehow 1000/1000 on your reviews.

    Just saw Spiderverse 2 (Across the…), looking forward to your reviews.

  7. for penny, the loss was that the robot was made by her father, if you go back when she is explaining her backstory she explains it. its something along the lines of the last thing her father worked on or something like that. so it has sentimental value to her because its basically a memento of her father.

  8. one of the things i love about the movie that i dont see being brought up much is how, the movie makes it obvious that miles is really into gwen, and, even though he saw her flirting back at the end, he decided not to push things, because of all she has gone through, he is happy that they can become friends.

  9. Yes! This movie is one of my favorite movies ever! The animation and story is great. I can’t wait for the next two movies of this series to come out!

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