Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse (2018) VS Across the Spider Verse (2023)

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse was a huge surprise to moviegoers and comic book fans. Despite being an animated Marvel comic book movie the film won Best Animated Feature at the Oscars, put Miles Morales into the spotlight and grew a fanbase as over the next five years of its life.

Five long years later, we get a sequel. Enter Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse. Is the sequel as good or better than the first movie, or is it a shallow, uninspired version of its former counterpart? Only one way to find out.


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35 responses to “Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse (2018) VS Across the Spider Verse (2023)”

  1. Miguel is not a vampire in the movie

    In the comics he has ability which makes him grow teeth and ferocious
    So they kept it
    However it does not make sense for him to trying to eat vulture

  2. Hey Eric, Did you notice that your Patreon has more than 50 members, 53 to be exact. So does this mean the How to train your dragon versus video will be coming soon?

  3. Hey Eric! Don’t you agree that The Fox Universe should stay separate from the MCU? All this multiverse whiplash is tiresome! Deadpool 3 better just focus on Deadpool and Wolverine! I don’t want the rumors to be true of the TVA from terrible Loki show be involved! WTF?! The FOX X-Men Universe is not even a variant timeline of the MCU, therefore Kang nor Iron Man don’t exist there to give reason to erase timelines. It’s bad writing. The TVA concept itself is bad in general. I hope Ryan and his writers don’t bend the knee to terrible MCU and restrictions to not have creative freedom for story, and not have jokes that aren’t appropriate for the WOKE WORLD! 🤮Eric Carter! Thoughts?

    By the way, if Deadpool 3 ends up being terrible, I want it to flop. Disney should just sell off Fox!

  4. It feels like their setting up Beyond the spider verse for hella action fights the whole movie with spot and Miguel and prowler miles and possibly sinister 6. I’m so hyped but we probably won’t get it next year or maybe even the year after.

  5. I’m excited, at least for right now, for Sony’s R rated Kraven movie. I’m going to lower my expectations when I go see it in theaters October 5. But I guess the R rating is a bonus! 🤞it’ll be decent! Sony’s unpredictable with quality. Hopefully, Morbius bombing two times in a row has taught them lessons.

  6. Sony I’d take more than Disney nowadays! Disney ain’t ever getting money from me ever again! I never will trust them! Sony isn’t as bad as Disney! Sony, if with the right creatives, are capable of great Marvel projects. But Disney never has those 1% good writers! 🖕them! I’m team Sony Marvel! Disney Marvel can 🖕themselves!

  7. Eric! I’m overjoyed and glad Indiana Jones 5 is bombing! Disney continues to get what they freaking deserve! Mission Impossible will destroy it! 🥸

  8. In "ITSV" I didn't expect to feel the way I felt when Peter died, it was jarring and surreal for me. And thought the music selection for the scene was natural for today's time. Also this movie was just as much Gwen's as it was Miles story. And she had a beginning, middle and end to her story leaving miles story to be concluded which I was fine with. Overall I have to say that, "ATSV" is the better movie it is the empire of the trilogy

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