Spider-Man Humbles Iron Man

Spider-Man Humbles Iron Man
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18 responses to “Spider-Man Humbles Iron Man”

  1. I understand bloodlust Parker is seriously BIG danger but cmon, Stark knows EVERYTHING about Parker and his upcoming moves, abilities and probably maximum power.
    Theres no darn way Stark would not make some Anti Spider weapons/armor when he was able to make Hulkbuster, Thorbuster, Galactusbuster and Symbiote armor against Knull.

  2. Excuse my ignorance but why is Spiderman treated like a criminal in this comic? I ask because I haven't read many hero comics. Most of the ones I know are from Series, Movies or Games

  3. I work at hospital. Just don't understand why multiple great artist CAN'T draw a person lying in hospital bed connected to IV pole or other stuff. When they do it all looks like stuff from unreal fantasy/sci-fi movie and it's all wrong. All we can see is tremendous amount of multiple cables connected somehow to a person then connected to some fantasy machinery. I love comics but everytime I see this I roll my eyes.

  4. I like how this comics driving motion is the flaws in the American healthcare system. And the resulting chaos desperate love ones go through to save their loved ones

  5. I don’t get it Spider-Man have contacts that can bring back the dead yet they can’t fix his Aunt I know damn well at some point Doctor Strange has healed someone with just as fatal of an injury if not more so

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