Spider-Man *HOMECOMING* felt so RELATABLE and we LOVED it

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Spider-Man *HOMECOMING* felt so RELATABLE and we LOVED it

Director: Jon Watts
Writer: Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley, Jon Watts
Stars: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Release Date: 2017-07-07
Peter Parker balances his life as an ordinary high school student in Queens with his superhero alter-ego Spider-Man, and finds himself on the trail of a new menace prowling the skies of New York City.

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39 responses to “Spider-Man *HOMECOMING* felt so RELATABLE and we LOVED it”

  1. I’m not sure why but Spider-Man has always been popular. As a kid he was my favorite but that’s probably because the three superhero cartoons I could watch on tv after school were Spider-Man, Batman, and X-men. I know there were other Marvel cartoons based on the comics like Ironman and Fantastic Four but I never saw them.

  2. While every other character has been seriously "altered for the movies" vs. the comics, if you take away the stark tech & AI away from the suit then this Peter/Spiderman is the most faithful to who he is (or was, at this age) in the comics. Spiderman is the Everyman hero, he has terrible luck in his person life, he's always broke and scrambling to make ends meet, his villains are nuts and often homicidal, he's brilliant (he invented his web shooters and the web formula) but not always that Smart (doing stupid things), and the acting silly/foolish he does to keep his enemies off-balance and annoyed so it's even harder for them to fight him. He's also, more or less, Marvel's Flagship Character.

  3. I don't know if you guys had watched Men in Black I can't remember put in the beginning there's an old man that looks at the stars and says that they're beautiful I like to Rick Conn and think that is Stan Lee because Men In Black is marvel

  4. Y’all are criminally underrating Spider-Man. He’s great and held at a pedestal not because he’s the strongest or smartest but because of his ideologies and relatability. He suffers much more than most heroes and has to deal with every day problems like us. He gives such a human response to all of his problems by saving all his villains. He’s different and better than most heroes like iron man or doctor strange because he does more than just look out for the universe. He is the man of the people who looks out for the little guy and has helped kids with homework and played with kids with cancer. He in touch with humanity and gives his all. He sees worth in everybody and never gives up. So no he is not overrated. Y’all just want to see big powered heroes but Peter has so much depth that y’all aren’t seeing. Plus you guys also are watching these movies back to back instead of the rest of us growing with these heroes and gaining life lessons applying them to our life from these movies as we grow with them. Comics and movies and shows and games. All helped us through our lives more than any other hero. Stan lee felt the same which is why Spider-Man was his favorite too. So y’all back off he ain’t overrated.

  5. just watch and absorb.. instead of missing the plots as your to busy trying to talk about why? films explain as they go.. also yes actors from other films or series will be in new films.. as thats how it works.. try focussing on the actual story and not the whys whos and hows.. it all explains itself eventually like every film does.. relax your minds and enjoy it…

  6. 9:49 Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover was actually indirectly the inspiration for the creation of Miles Morales.

    In an episode of Community he dressed up in Peter Parker’s classic red and blue webs. Brian Michael Bendis – who was writing The New Avengers at the time took a cue, and created Miles Morales in Marvels Ultimate Spider-Man book. He said he did it so his adoptive children could have a superhero they could relate to.

  7. 11:34 Tony brought him into the Civil War fight essentially as an audition, to see how he performs under pressure and to see how he handles himself against other people with abilities that are equal or close to his. Tony is slowly grooming him to become the best hero he can be. And at 20:15, Donald Glovers character is actually a villian in the spider-verse known as The Prowler, and the nephew he mentions is Miles Morales, aka Spider-Man.

  8. "What their spin on Spider-Man would be like"? The MCU is Marvel. Marvel created the hero, it was Sony who put their spin on Spider-Man and changed him. Most fans agree the Tom Holland Spidey is the closest to the comic than the other two (OK, Aunt May is a bit of a stretch).

  9. No, mixed messages, in Civil War Tony was there to supervise Peter and protect him from his rash moves, I mean he's a teenager in high school. He needs to listen to Tony. The real problem is Happy not giving the proper attention and listening to Peter. In this picture Peter is portrayed like the original Spider-Man in the comics, a teenager learning how to use his powers without jeopardizing people and property around him.

  10. Peter obviously as a young teen would shit his pants if he found out this girl he’s already awkward around was the daughter of the literal villain who has been kicking his ass the entire movie. Awkward as hell for a kid to meet the girls father for the first time as is.

  11. About Spider-Man’s age in this one, he’s meant to be 15. He was 14 in Civil War, which took place 6 months before Homecoming. He’s 16 in Infinity War/Endgame and 17 in Far From Home/No Way Home.

    As for Tobey’s and Andrew’s, I believe both were 17 in their first respective movies and age a few years in their sequels (well, singular sequel in Andrew’s case).

  12. Spiderman is the best selling Comic Book hero for Marvel… by far.. he's up there with Batman and Superman in sales. So yea, he's not over-hyped.

    Now.. the first two attempts at making Spiderman franchises… yea, they were overhyped

  13. Not sure if you guys know but one cool thing that you guys missed was Donald Glover saying that he has a nephew that lives in that neighborhood. That was hinting towards Miles Morales who was also Spider-Man later on.

    And just so you guys know that Spider-Man and Batman are the two most popular superheroes ever hands down. A lot of the MCU characters gained popularity because of the movies.

  14. i do not agree with you guys when you say that the Spiderman movies are overrated, but i respect your opinion. i just want to say that the best representation of Spiderman is Andrew Garfield's. And i Hope you will enjoy the rest of the MCU's movies.

  15. One of the main reasons he’s so mainstream is because that was Stan lee’s favorite character. Also his first character that he made on his own without his partner

  16. There are multiple Spider-Man villains in this movie. The Vultutre, The Shocker (who was killed by Vulture), The Prowler (played by Childish Gambino, uncle of Miles Morales), and The Rhino who had the scar on his face

  17. So, the reason people don't usually show the full movie on Patreon is because that is, strictly speaking, a copyright violation. I know a handful of reactors who do that, and nothing has come of it so far. But there's no guarantee that if Patreon or the copyright holders get wind of it, it won't put your account in real jeopardy.

    That's why most of us use a countdown timer. In my case, I put the movie with no audio and completely blurred out, so you can only make out color and movement. Plus I added an additional timer tracking the time of the movie.

  18. Homecoming is criminally underrated, not alot like it but its very solid and probably the best first spiderman out of them all, except from into the spider verse

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