Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) | FIRST TIME WATCHING! | Movie Reaction

Thank you so much for watching #spidermanhomecoming with me! Oh my god, I LOVED this movie!!! I love SPIDERMAN!!!!

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50 responses to “Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) | FIRST TIME WATCHING! | Movie Reaction”

  1. You do realise that Spider-man has super strength? That's how he lifted all the rubble off of himself. Watching people watch Spider-man movies makes me wonder if they actually know that his powers aren't just climbing walls and swinging webs. He fought Captain America in the previous movie, it should be obvious that he's stronger than say Hawkeye. He'd probably be able to beat Ironman in a fight as well

  2. If you haven’t been told already, you should probably rewatch or watch both Tobey Maguire’s trilogy and the two amazing Spider-Man‘s with Andrew Garfield before the third Tom Holland Spider-Man movie keep up the great work

  3. This is one of the top Marvel movies for me. When I saw it in the theatre, and Liz's dad answers the door, you could feel the shock in the audience.
    Also Peter focusing himself and lifting the ruins of the building was an iconic moment in the comics, since he's usually not about brute strength, but while he's not the Hulk, Spider-Man is pretty strong!

  4. Did you know that the line of it's not a hug I'm just grabbing the door for you was improvised by Robert Downey jr. Because when they were filming that scene Tom Holland randomly decided to give him a hug did you also know that Tom Hollands brother was supposed to be in the movie but even though they film the scenes with him they ended up cutting them out

  5. In early to say if you haven't watched the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies, it may be worth getting familiar with those villain stories before Spider-Man No Way Home!

  6. I’m confused as to why you saw No Way Home already. Seeing that movie before all the others just spoiled the rest of the MCU up until that point basically. :/

  7. Okay, WHY did my comment get deleted? Seriously, I hate it when YouTube thinks I'm violating guidelines when I'm NOT!!! aggressive sigh Now I gotta mostly repeat myself! Thanks a lot, YouTube! NOT!!!

    This was Michael Keaton's first comic book movie role since Batman in Tim Burton's films, and the man didn't miss a beat here! He was so awesome in this movie, that I swear it's almost as if Batman had crossed over into the Marvel universe as a different character! Anyway, I guess it's time to rewatch the Tobey Maguire films, huh? I also recommend the Andrew Garfield ones. Just trust me, so far, I've enjoyed the first film. And yes, those were also recently added to Disney+, along with Venom, which I would also recommend watching. Fair warning: Despite the rating of the first one, it feels like an R-rated film.

  8. You're right Laura Herrier who plays Liz was 26 years old during the production of this movie that was released in 2017. She is currently 33 years old, so yeh she was the oldest of the cast members, with Tom Holland being 21 and both Zendaya and Jacob being 20 years old

  9. Spider-Man has superhuman strength. He’s up there in top 3 of strongest heroes. He blocked Bucky’s metal arm in Civil War like it was a softball. That’s why I’m against this high tech suit…he doesn’t need it.

  10. Spider-Man could lift that rubble because he is that strong. At this point Peter doesnt understand just how strong he is. Look at when Peter wetn against the Winter Soldier in Civil War. He caught Buckys first at full speed and bent it back to look at it and say how cool his metal arm was without even grunting. Bucky is a super soldier with an arm that had break through concrete walls. And Peter moves it like a toy.

  11. dont mind the "8 Years later" in the start of the film..its an error..the events of Avengers happened in 2012 while the Civil War happened around 2016..hence its only 4 years apart..

    its an error from the studio (Sony)..

    you already watched No Way Home? i guess, you already watched the Amazing Spiderman films too..but the premise of how the events of No Way Home happened is on Phase 4..

    yes, Tony returned the Stark-Enhanced Spider suit..you'll see the new suit soon..

    so excited for the next movies..

  12. To be fair on vulture, he just wanted to feed his family and his workers and their families
    Becausd the government took his contract which screwed all of him and his workers.

  13. Great reaction! OK, several things to talk about. I love the title Homecoming because it refers not just to the high school dance, but also to the Sony-Marvel deal that brought Spider-Man back to Marvel. After all the Sony movies, this one was a homecoming of sorts. Yes, Marisa Tomei is universally hot. I have had a crush on her for decades. It's not spelled out, but I'm guessing the Vulture didn't sell Peter out in the end credit scene because Peter saved his life, the same way he paid Peter back for saving Liz. The Vulture was one of the original Spider-Man villains in the comics back in the '60s and '70s when my brother let me read his Marvel collection, so it was really good to see them use him here. I also liked the technology update they gave him as in the comics he just wore a green bird suit that was hand-waved as some sort of technological invention.

  14. Remember just like in the comics, Spiderman is actually one if not the strongest Avenger. What makes him a complex character is that the Spiderman we all know is him as always a teenager when his powers are not fully developed. However, with the set of abilities he has and is beginning to develop, as an adult age he is able to easily fight all the Avengers.

  15. You may notice a time discrepency at the start of the movie. It starts right after the Battle of New York in the first Avengers, which occurs in 2012, then there's an "EIGHT YEARS LATER" time jump, which puts this movie in 2020. However, that can't be the case because Captain America: Civil War happens in 2016. Clearly, the "EIGHT YEARS LATER" text is an error, as only four years could've passed since the first Avengers.

    It also causes an inconsistency with Liz's age. She's 16 or 17 in the movie, which means she would've been 12 or 13 when she made that Avengers drawing. Would a 12 or 13 year old girl draw something like that?

  16. "Who drew the picture of the Avengers in Spider-Man: Homecoming?"

    The picture in the beginning of Spider-Man Homecoming is said to be drawn by a young Liz Toomes, Adrian (Vulture) Toomes' daughter.

  17. Hey there! Fun fact… The voice for Peter's suit is Jennifer Connelly who is the real world wife of Paul Bettany, who is the voice of Jarvis / Vision. 🙂

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