Spider-Man: Edge of Time is a Good Story not a Good Game

Spider-Man Shattered Dimension was a great start for their series of Spider-Man games. Edge of Time was critically panned for its underwhelming gameplay loop but was praised for its story. Here I play it for the first time to see if delivers on both fronts.


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29 responses to “Spider-Man: Edge of Time is a Good Story not a Good Game”

  1. Miles situation is completely different from "evil" Peter's you make a false equivalency, Peter's tragedies have already happened. Miles' have not, they're in MOTION, but they have not happened as you say they're DESTINED, which is not the same as fated. One can change destiny, so it's not at all the same. Miles is choosing to not ignore a known outcome. A better comparison is to that of the situation YOU already pointed out. Peter finds out Mary Jane will die if nothing is done, that's the same situation. So again I wouldn't say Miles' actions are anything like "evil" Peter's by any stretch.

  2. Great review. You'll really coming into your own style here.

    I love this game. Untill the Insomniac games, EoT was the most story heavy game Spidey ever had. Heck, it only has four bosses. That's practically unheard of, especially three of them being originals. Seriously, every Spider-Man game since the ps1 games by Neversoft has had Shocker, Rhino, or Doc Ock as a boss fight and EoT almost averts that with Atrocious.

  3. Loved both Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time as a kid and wish I could play them again. The Spider-Verse comics and films owe a lot to them for sure. The themes of Across the Spider-Verse and funny enough, the Flash movie (and Flashpoint in general) are all found in Edge of Time too and it handles both extremely well. A hero needs to do everything in his power to save everyone as his responsibility, but to tamper with nature to change the past and reject the scars that make you who you are is an abuse of that responsibility.

  4. I actually was waiting to watch this video as I was finishing up my Hard Mode playthrough to Platinum the game on PS3!

    Fun fact I saw about CEO Peter that I don't see pretty much anyone picking up on (probably since it's hidden away in the model viewer bio for the character) is that the anti-aging drug Peter developed was actually stated to be corrupting his mind alongside slowly diminishing his spider powers.

    Feels like a bit of a cop out explanation put there to help subside any possible fans who were upset by the direction of the character, but it's weird such a seemingly important part of the character's backstory is hidden away like that

  5. I always wondered if Web of Shadows was supposed to be a Venom game originally, since the morality system makes way more sense for him than Spidey.

  6. While I love the story and voice acting in Edge of Time, I still think the narrative has a couple of missed opportunities they could have taken with Walker going back in time.Sloan establishing Alchemax before Oscorp and Stark Industries I think could’ve been interesting to explore the larger ramifications of doing that. Perhaps in this alternate timeline Tony Stark and Norman Osborn have teamed up and Norman makes an appearance not as the Green Goblin but as Iron Patriot. The Green goblin essentially wouldn’t exist in this timeline, which would lead to a ripple effect of Gwen being with Peter in the game instead of Mary Jane. Making Peters wish for Miquel to save her to be more conflicting for the player as we know she’s not supposed to be with him but maybe in this one timeline we can choose to let it slide. Plus, it would’ve been cool to also have a boss fight with Iron Patriot. I quite like the idea that regardless of timeline whether Norman becomes the Green Goblin or not, he’s still an arsehole. I understand the dev time was very strict and it sucks Activision wouldn’t let them be more ambitious.

  7. I still love it. While there are issues with the gameplay, I enjoyed the performances, the story and look to the game. It's one I played just for fun. It's not perfect, but I enjoyed it

  8. I love the chemistry between Peter and Miguel it's so good seeing Peter's sarcasm contrast with Miguel stoicism it's fascinating and funny at the same time, I can just watch these two just sit around and talk and I would still be invested, we just don't see superhero crossovers like this anymore. Also this game has my favorite adaptation of Miguel O'Hara outside of the comics he is stern and stoic but not entirely humorless he's got a perfect balance, and it's great.

  9. The game's GamePlay definitely had a lot of flaws but for some reason I didn't care and enjoyed it a lot. I only have one complain about the game and it's those challenges. They were so annoying do this do that ik you can ignore then but I couldn't resist the urge not to try them every time. Wish there was an option to disable them

  10. It's a game I love for what it achieves narratively with it's characters, I don't fault anyone for not enjoying the gameplay I know it's rough but I will genuinely always love this game for making me familiar with and admiring Miguel as a character and how he's much more than a gimicky dark Spider-Man of the future. I'm happy to hear that Spiderverse got his character right even if I'm a bit let down more people seem to like his look above most anything else since I felt it would've been nice to have a fully authentic take inside and out to represent the character like how this game did it since he's still massively niche and underrated compared to some other Spider characters imo.
    Good review Diego glad you still emphasized the quality of the story, wish Activision weren't the ones dictating the development of this game, really want a remake of this one to do the whole thing justice and let more people enjoy it.

  11. Edge of Time to me, is a Spider-Man game you either love or hate. (Or have another look on it). The gameplay was definitely a weak point, but the story is so brilliant and does a good job making a challenging plot while also staying faithful to the characters in it. You also perfectly explained the difference between ceo Peter and Miles. I appreciate this game's story for showing a side of Peter we don't usually talk about. Peter is meant to be very selfless and caring towards others and all around good, and he's very mentally strong when it comes to his resilience, but this game shows that even he has a breaking point, but this point is one that's also his own deemed act of selflessness, and trying to help others. And that's probably the best part of this game for me.

  12. I'm going to say no. There is A LOT of time traveling mumbo jumbo to be honest and if you have some suspension of disbelief, as all should when it comes to anything time travel, the story is actually really good. What isn't as good is the gameplay unfortunately. It's basically a stripped down Shattered Dimensions. Now I do want to say that it definitely isn't bad, just…not as good as Shattered Dimensions. Though I really can't blame Beenox as Activision literally only game them about a year to develop it so needless to say they were very rushed. What also kinda sucks is the villain roster, as in there are barely any in it. You have new villain Walker Sloan (who you don't fight), Dr. Octopus (who you also don't fight), Anti Venom, Black Cat 2099, and another new villain named Atrocity (a freak combination of Sloan, Doc Ock and Anti Venom). That's literally it. At least the DS version added much more villains in Overdrive 2099, Menace, Big Wheel 2099, Shocker, Arcade 2099 and Rhino. I love when they use the more obscure/lesser known rogues in Spider-Man games, gives it a nice breathe of fresh air ao to speak.

  13. Underrated gem in terms of story but lackluster gameplay sours the overall product but definitely a game that’s not for everyone but I still like it 👍

  14. This game and Shattered Dimensions desperately deserves to get remasters like I would totally play the remasters of both of these games 🤘🔥🕷️🕸️

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