Spider Man DEFINITELY Doesn’t Kill People | Web of Shadows

Spiderman Doesn’t Kill People unless… Today I put it to the test on NPCs in Web of Shadows and finally encounter the amazing cameos in the game while trying to become Evil. Watch Another video:
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43 responses to “Spider Man DEFINITELY Doesn’t Kill People | Web of Shadows”

  1. Fun fact: While wearing the Black suit you can tell the infected Humans apart from the normal ones, as the Black Suit scares normal people, but the symbiots will cheer you for dawning the Black suit, until they start attacking you.

  2. you can actually beat the symbiote of any symbiote enemy by continuously comboing their dead corpse, the end result is that the symbiote just explodes out of them and the npcs runs away

  3. All I remember is purposely hurting civilians so I could pick them up and toss them into the ocean with the web parachute on to see how far they go before they died

  4. I belive you can summon one of your ally. When the redd bar is full pres the down on the d pad, but idk if it will acually work but it woud be funny seeing vulture, a 70 year old grampa fight

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