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Peter Parker has web cartridges attached to the waistline of his suit, allowing him to easily refill his web-shooters whenever he runs out. Smythe and Shocker, meanwhile, are chewed out by the Kingpin for letting Spider-Man steal it, and tells them to get it back, even if they have to take the   spiderman cosplay  whole city hostage, which gives Smythe an idea; Shocker kidnaps John Jameson from the hospital, holding him for ransom and forcing Jonah to ask for Spider-Man’s help. At the Daily Bugle, Jameson congratulates Eddie Brock for finally obtaining proof that Spider-Man is every bit the crook he believes he is. Shocker reports back to Smythe, that he failed to get Eddie Brock, but he did manage to take out Spider-Man, unaware that the webslinger has survived. Jameson Sr. realizes that Eddie Brock lied to him, and fires him for his fraudulent reporting. When that didn’t stop Spider-Man, Jameson almost became a supervillain. Spider-Man leads bounty hunters on a wild chase across New York as we open part 2. Spidey gloats about how much more powerful he is now, while cursing Jameson for turning the public against him by offering a million dollar bounty.

John Semper Jr. changed this to where the symbiote also made it’s host more aggressive and violent. Attaching to Parker’s motorbike, the symbiote follows him home. However, fans wanted to see more of the symbiote costume so this episode was made and added to the middle of the Alien Costume saga. Spidey urges the Jamesons to leave immediately, and his suspicions are proven correct when the Shocker emerges, ready to go for round 3. During the fighting, the symbiote grows more and more dominant over Peter, making him more and more aggressive, nearly tearing the church apart fighting Shocker. Overall, as a big fan of the whole symbiote saga in the comics, I was surprised to learn that I liked the animated version even more. This episode had a major influence over subsequent appearances of the Venom symbiote. As Norman talks to Peter, asking for forgiveness, Goblin’s jet glider appears behind Spider-Man, and the Goblin persona takes over Norman. When Spider-Man talks to Curt Connors he mentions helping him when he was desperate. Seeing the black-clad Spidey at his window, Connors tells him that he better have a good reason he shouldn’t call campus security right now. Cornering him on the street, the mercenaries use a sonic weapon, which nearly renders Spidey unconscious.

At the end of the episode when the Promethium X turns into lead Kingpin says “Spider-man knew it.” This means that while Spider-Man was studying the Promethium X he learned that it would turn into lead and knew that Smythe would not be able to use it as a weapon. This feature would effectively double the number of costumes available in the game, and it would turn Lovekiller745’s black suit glitch into a reality. That said, while Insomniac Games did a great job with the suits in the game, I think this should be expanded upon in a sequel via a suit creator. It’s impossible to know what that upgrade is specifically, but one fan has already detailed every aesthetic difference between the two suits. There are a total of 13 Suits (Costumes) in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Unlocking all of them will earn you the Fashionista Trophy or Achievement.

There you’ll find Black Cat’s graffiti, and just below it there’s a feline hiding just behind an open door. Will there be a Spider-Man 4? How to get: It will be available at Level 10. To craft it you will need 4 Crime Tokens and 2 Research Tokens. After his second encounter with Doctor Octopus, he makes his way to Otto’s old lab, and utilizes the materials and lab equipment to help him craft this new suit in order to defeat Otto. At NYU, Spider-Man makes his way to Doctor Curt Connors’ lab. Spider-Man is talking about curing Connors of being the Lizard in the episode, Night of the Lizard. Being unable to eat properly and having the persistent fear of drowning in his own suit is amongst a few of his issues. After being pressed by other users, the alleged Insomniac employee also provided insight into how the game’s story could play out. Spidey manages to dig himself out of the rubble and pursues Shocker. At home, Spidey studies the Promethium X, discovers what activates it – and something else.

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