SPIDER-MAN Beyond The Spider-Verse End Credits Teaser And Movie Theories | Ending Explained

SPIDER-MAN Beyond The Spider-Verse End Credits Teaser And Movie Theories. In this video, we will review the ending of Across The Spider-Verse and break down our theories and ideas on what will be coming next in Beyond The Spider-Verse. As the third movie in this trilogy is due to release in 2024 we thought we would theorise on where we see this story heading and what it is likely to mean for the future of these characters and the potential live-action movies starring Miles Morales. I’m really excited by the prospect and potential of these movies, so without further delay let’s jump right into it!

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So Beyond The Spider-vese is officially my most anticipated movie right now. Due to debut in 2024 I’m really excited to see the culmination of the spiderverse trilogy and also all the things that we could be getting in the future.

This videos gonna be one big theory time, theory time, theory time….to die.

And we’ll be talking about what we think could happen in the film and where it could lead.

Now obviously heavy spoilers ahead so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out then I highly recommend that you check out now. If you enjoy the video then please hit the thumbs up button and don’t forget to subscribe for breakdowns like this every day. With that out the way, huge thank you for clicking this

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42 responses to “SPIDER-MAN Beyond The Spider-Verse End Credits Teaser And Movie Theories | Ending Explained”

  1. I really hope they dont pull this character into live action and the mcu because the mcu is well…. not what it used to be. It would be a shame for a franchise as great as the spiderverse one to lower itself to the mcu.

    Very out there theory but after spot becomes ultra spot, his white spots resemble knulls spiral. Maybe he tapped into the abyss and gained some of knulls power or something.

  2. I have a lot of the inhereters comics but I thoroughly do not want them to be on screen. I want them to remain in the comics. I will get pretty upset if the inhereters pop up before a Venom/Spidey team up movie

  3. Ending of Spider Man Beyond the Spider Verse/ How Miles gets into the MCU

    At the end of Spider-Man Beyond the Spider Verse, Miles Morales defeats the spot with the help of the other spidermen, 2099, and Tom Hollands spider man.
    (Toms Spider-Man gets introduced in the 2nd-3rd part of the movie with his NWH from the end of the movie and is a mixture of animated and real life)
    After defeating spot, miles universe got damaged real bad by spot so 2099 helps fix Earth 1610 (miles universe) but it will take time to turn it back to normal. Miles will have no where to stay besides the spider society HQ. Toms Spider-Man talks with miles and tells him that he can come with him to his universe Earth 1999/Earth 616 (which is the MCU) so miles goes with toms Spider-Man through a portal to the mcu earth.
    Movie ends with them arriving to the mcu and miles morales stays mostly animated but also has real features plus shameik moore still voices miles.

    Post Credit Scene- The post credit scene shows The council of kangs looking at the sacred timeline (what they were looking at during the post credit for ant man quantamania) and seeing cracks in the timeline. Immortus, Rama tut, and scarlet centurion see the cracks and says that the person who caused the cracks was “Spider Man”. (Due to the canon events and such) The post credit scene ends then cuts to black and shows “Miles Morales will Return”. The “In association with Marvel” logo glitches into the Marvel Studios Logo. Implying that Miles is in the MCU now.

    Each MCU movie Miles Morales would be in after spider man beyond the spider verse

    – [ ] Spider man 4- Tom holland Spider-Man
    – [ ] Avengers The Kang Dynasty
    – [ ] Avengers Secret Wars

  4. very like off topic of the video but as a huge $uicideboy$ fan hearing the “time to die” thing and not hearing ruby start talking is weird

  5. I have a theory about "Beyond the Spider-Verse." I believe that there will not be a fourth or fifth installment because the third movie will directly address the cannon in the form of the fourth wall. The movie will explore why the cannon exists and how we, as inhabitants of earth 1218, are affecting events across the multiverse. The writers of our reality are responsible for shaping the characters and events across the Spider-Verse. The characters will realize that in order to break away from the cannon and help without enforcing it, they must take responsibility and break away from their creators. This will lead to the Spider-Society breaking away from us and their actions no longer directly influenced by our reality. As a result, we will not be able to see Miles' story progress because we will no longer have the ability to influence his character. However, this also allows the characters to be free and prevent tragic events without fear of breaking the cannon.

  6. I can't stand the Inheritors. Just darker, edgier nonsense. I don't really have a good sense of where they will take this, though. I'd prefer they let Miles "break canon" and not wind up in the same storytelling ruts that the Peters wind up in, but I don't know if they have the guts or editorial power to do that.

  7. I’d like to see Prowler Miles become the live action version in the end since he already lost his father. Give him a great redemption arc, he then can become a spiderman, thus fixing everything so the original Miles dad won’t have to die too. I say Bring him into Andrew Garfield’s universe since Tom’s already has a Miles. Also Electro said to him I thought you’d be black. This would be too perfect.

    Then the original Miles can continue to live his life with his mom and dad on the animated side. TWHIP TWHIP BOOM!

  8. I was on vacation in Nashville and late to see all these for once. Did see Spiderman and loved it and about to see the Flash in an hour. Which one did you all like better? I’m asking everyone thanks!

  9. I think one thing could happen in the third movie is that Miles is capable of preventing canon events without destroying the universe, because in regards to spiderman he is part of his own canon, while at the same time he is a walking break of a canon event due to him being bitten by a spieder from a different universe. Maybe even allow others to break canon events just by interacting with him, as they were never meant to meet in the first place.
    So instead of disrupting the web that Miguel showed him, he can create new paths on that web.

  10. I think Gwen’s gonna die , idk why I just got this feeling , she had a lot of closure with her own universe , particular her father, to where she only lost her Peter but now she’s captaining a rebellion to help him and maybe ifnit comes down to it she’ll sacrifice herself for whatever major moment miles needs help , sounds crazy in my head but it also kinda makes sense to me

  11. Hmmm I think Miguel is Miguel. But he took on the role of a master weaver when he shouldn’t have. And I think a core message of this duology is/will be that no one should have such a role.

    Miguel thinks he must protect the multiverse from collapsing. He sees it as something fragile, held together by easily broken threads. But I think the multiverse is a bit more resilient than that. But that’s why he’s so ruthless. He’s taken on a huge burden (at the very least a perceived burden) and it’s just wrecked him. His entire being is now just this protector and the rules/laws he believes are true.

    (I’m saying this as a casual fan. I’ve read a lot more Superman comics than Spider-Man ones)

  12. Didn't Arron aka the prowler chase Miles in the beginning? I mean he didn't have a spider suit at the time. So what, did Aaron not see that that was his nephew he was trying to kill? Maybe I'm missing something but can anyone Explain how Aaron didn't know he was trying to kill his nephew?

  13. I think miles will settle down in earth 42 and become the spiderman it never had, while prowler miles goes to his earth. That way he can save his dad from the canon event as prowler miles never became spiderman, the "captain stacy" of his world doesnt have to die. But he will still have to live with the death of jefferson on earth 42 which fits in with the need for sacrifice that comes with being spiderman. And as we've seen, because miles got bit by the spider from earth 42 hes not an anomaly in that world.

  14. I’m glad you brought up the inheritors, there’s a point in the movie in the middle of a fight or something where Miguel takes off his mask and gets ready to bite somebody, but someone calls out to him and he snaps back to reality and puts his mask back on. Sus for sure

  15. I do think Miles save his father, but I think that his mother will die. You can see it being set up with all the talk towards his mother. Plus Miles’ mother DID get killed in the comics, not his father. However I think Spot and Miles battle is going to trigger another multiverse event where this Miles will get transported to the MCU where both his mother and father are alive…like the comics.

  16. I wouldn't put Miguel on the same level as Thanos. Thanos snapped half the universe to "save" the other half. Miguel is preventing the deletion of a whole ass universe by letting the few die for the many. He is taking on the mantle of that so no other Spiderman has to.

  17. Me theory is that Miguel isnt fully right about canon events, they are important for spidermen so they can be connected but they dont destroy that universe if they dont happen which is why earth 42 miles universe still exists, if not then the canon events that couldn't have happend would have torn his universe apart especially since its been well over a year since that event, but it still stands, same with our miles universe. Were Miguel is wrong is the canon events, they cant destroy a universe only disconnect that universe from the spider verse hence why another miles isnt shown because miles story isnt peter parkers story which almost every other spiderman follows, the thing that destroys it is shown in the marvel films especially at the end of doctor strange with universes converging together, since every spiderman wears the watches when they go to a different universe to not glitch they are safe and from that that universe is since when miguel is talking about his life with his other universe family that got destroyed its showed he isnt wearing the watch anymore, due to this the universes converged hence why the universe was destroyed, its also why there are the live action spideys that are now connected to the main mcu, and why the sacred timeline branching off is shown, miguel is the reason the universe was destroyed not the canon events.

  18. I think a causality in miles's love ones is bound to happen and I think it's his mom. similar to how the spider still bite the same person just from a different universe.

  19. I think that the spider from earth-42B variant was supposed to bite the earth-1610B because thats the canon, otherwise it wouldn’t explain why neither of the universes disappeared like what happened to Miguel. Miles didn’t change anything since probably everything that happened till now is canon, but who knows?

  20. Hobie Brown is the original 616 Prowler. Hobie is SpiderPunk in ATSV. Aaron Davis and Miles Morales are also Prowler in different universes. I found that Miles’ dad took his wife’s last name to avoid being named after the president of the Confederacy, which is why Miles doesn’t share his uncles last name.

  21. I’m confused why Miguel is so intent on blaming Miles for being bitten by a multidimensional spider. Who sent that spider through the multiverse? That’s the person to throw blame at surly.

  22. Wonder if we'll get to see Madame web, the Master Weaver, or the Inheritors in the Beyond the Spiderverse. I can't be a coincidence that Miguel O hara is compared to a vampire.

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