SPIDER-MAN 2099 Mystery Box – Across the Spider-Verse!!!

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The breakout star of Across the Spider-Verse is Miguel O’Hara the Spider-Man of 2099!

Here is a history of his comic book and action figure appearances!

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36 responses to “SPIDER-MAN 2099 Mystery Box – Across the Spider-Verse!!!”

  1. Hello I subscribe to your channel every single day and I love watching new videos and I subscribe to you every day I can I've been watching you. 2 years. And I subscribed and my favorite spider man is the symbiote spider man. Can I get the giveaway the 3 pack?

  2. Could we please get a video about best John Romita Sr Spider-Man figures, like you did with Steve Ditko? 🙏🏼🙏🏼 I think it would be pretty good as a tribute to Jazzy One who unfortunately has past away few days ago, according to John Romita Jr

  3. 20:59 I drew a picture of Spider-Man 2099 as I was watching this video and I was like hey why don’t I draw this is pretty cool I kinda messed up on his cake but it looks pretty good I think I just think you’re really cool and I like your videos I’m about to watch the miles Spider-Man into the spider verse one hello how does a video 10 days ago have 292K views for the video a month ago only has 4.4 views I don’t get that

  4. Did you know the Black red and white suit is a suit that you can play as in Spiderman PS4 and in the game its called Spiderman 2099 white suit

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