Spider-man 2099 movie vs comics

What is the difference between Miguel O’Hara, Spider0man 2099, between the comics and his movie counterpart? turns out there’s a lot! lets delve into it!

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9 responses to “Spider-man 2099 movie vs comics”

  1. If you look into MBTI, Miguel definitely has a different personality. He's more like Batman (an INTJ) in the comics. But in Spiderverse, He's more like Kung Fu Panda 1's Shifu (An ISTJ). INTJs are more open minded, intuitive, and tactful. ISTJs are far more "face value" and can be pretty darn stubborn.

    My gripe with Spiderverse is the way Miguel is getting mainstreamed as. I feel like people are starting to dislike him to a degree because of how he was portrayed.

  2. the way i like to think of the spider-verse versions is that the spider-men are from alternate time lines of universes were things may have happened just a little different

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