Spider-Boy: Spiderman’s Sidekick #shorts

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28 responses to “Spider-Boy: Spiderman’s Sidekick #shorts”

  1. So all I gotta do I stab ONE Peter Parker with this totem dagger and suddenly no more Peter Parkers? All spider people are destined to happen, so that means there are more infinite universes where there’s more spider boy aka Bailey Briggs, so why isn’t there? Hm oh right. One of em got stabbed and suddenly there’s no more of him. Hmmmm

  2. Marvel is really going down the drain if thats how they add new characters these days serves them right I guess the comics were falling for sometimes

  3. That's such a terrifying power, being able to excise someone out of existence to the point that their own family doesn't remember they ever existed. Jason Pargins uses it to great effect in his John Dies at the End series, it's what the shadow men can do to people who cross their paths, and it's maddeningly terrifying exactly because it robs you of not just of the person whom you love and care about, it robs you of your right to remember and grieve for them, as if they were never really there, because technically at that point, they never were.

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