So Miles Morales is UNBELIEVABLY good

The Spider Man Christmas special

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20 responses to “So Miles Morales is UNBELIEVABLY good”

  1. Not gonna lie, I really enjoyed the Main game and the spin off, and the characterization is really good, but MAN does the voice actor for miles get REALLY grating REALLY fast. He sounds like he's speaking in a really uncomfortable falsetto the whole time and it really throws off a lot of the dialogue. I get he's supposed to be 17 but even then its just SO whiny sounding.

  2. 10:52 you can see that the column was made of reinforced concrete, Miles threw the guy with so much strength that it shattered like it was made of sand, the guy spine just ceased to exist at that point

  3. My one thing about the game I don’t like is that I 100% beat the game in one day on my first play through and then beat the new game plus the next day

  4. 4:59 If you miss the prompt, Pete swings in and pulls the baby out of the way. (And if you go into photo mode and look back there when it happens, you can see Peter giving you a thumbs up.)

  5. You should force your friends to play rain World
    Not because it‘s bad, but because it‘s hard and absolutely unforgiving (aka a lot of laughs for the viewers and the players that did NOT die)

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