SML Parody: Jeffy’s Spider-Man Whopper!

Jeffy hates on the Spider-Man Whopper and gets him mad!
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Similar to “SML Parody: Jeffy’s Fortune!”, “SML Parody: Jeffy The Killer!”, “SML Parody: Jeffy Goes To Ohio!”, “SML Parody: Spider-Jeffy: Across The Spider-Verse!” and “SML Movie: Jeffy’s The Wrestler!”, this is an SML related video related to the movie Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse! Jeffy, Junior and Joseph get Spider-Man whoppers from Burger King and Jeffy doesn’t like it! Jeffy makes a TikTok hating on it and it gets him mad! What will happen?
I are not SML, nor do I try to say that I am. I am a fan account that makes parody content and spinoffs of his videos.

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  2. Do a British YouTube channel and by the way this video is pretty good next time Don't be afraid of trying I mean my mom told me this looks of it doesn't mean that it taste bad you just have to try it

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  5. Jeffy said Junior I'd I told you that I love him I love you Spider-Man this is the best burger ever you always feel like you so much Spider-Man bedroom

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