SML Movie: Jeffy’s Dare!

Jeffy wins truth or dare!

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23 responses to “SML Movie: Jeffy’s Dare!”

  1. Well "lip smuuaack" looks like most of the sml cast have catchphrases now. Martin calls people goobers, Joseph has his " what's up buuuuuuuuddy"s cody says "THE NEEEWEWWEWW"s, junior says "so guys what do you want to do today"s and "haeey daddy".

  2. Goofs: there was some one was say: "yeah!"

    The president of fish tuna was speaking Spanish American or western accent was the word "De", "Do" ironically, some other speaking the Spanish or Latin American of tuna fish tarry.

  3. SML is the funniest video I had ever find Junior Jeffy and Joseph is ny favorite character in SML but Cody is weird with a boy doll and I think he is getting weirder and weirder😅

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