SIDESHOW CON DAY 3 – Reveals, Deals, & Giveaways! | Sideshow Con 2023

Sideshow Con is on the way! Join us Tuesday, July 18th, through Friday, July 21st, as we celebrate all things pop culture! We’ll have exciting product announcements, livestreams, and giveaways across all of our groups and social channels! Register for the event now and receive $5 in rewards, chances to win exclusive prizes, and be among the first to be able to pre-order Sideshow Con Exclusives!

Tune into our Sideshow Con 2023 Daily Livestreams for Reveals, Deals, & Giveaways!

From Marvel, DC, Star Wars, to Predator, Aliens, and more, Sideshow Collectibles celebrates beloved icons from movies, TV, gaming, and comics through our licensed and original collectible products.


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0:00 – Intro
18:10 – Clint Legacy Collection Showcase
22:55 – Prime 1 Studio showcase
28:21 – Critical Role Cast Reaction
35:28 – Clint Eastwood Premium Format
39:44 – Art Prints Day 3 Showcase
46:33 – Live Deals!
1:00:14 – Mix & Match Deals!
1:04:52 – Live Deals Continued!

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4 responses to “SIDESHOW CON DAY 3 – Reveals, Deals, & Giveaways! | Sideshow Con 2023”

  1. Please oh please bring back your mix-and-match deal the next time you're doing a live stream event I love that deal last time during Star Wars week I used DeLand Got 5 Stormtrooper Commanders and got a lot of savings for that hopefully you will be bringing it back it is such a good deal to get some collective Hot Toys and hopefully it will be even more bigger than how it was during this event

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