Should Zendaya Return As MJ In Spider-Man 4?

In this video, Sid wonders if Zendaya return as MJ in Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man 4…

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50 responses to “Should Zendaya Return As MJ In Spider-Man 4?”

  1. The upside is Spider-Man 4’s production is on pause right now because of The Writers Strike, so after that they should redo the script and give MJ a very small role if she has a big one. ✍🏽

  2. They really should leave her out of the next Spider-Man trilogy and make a death of Gwen Stacy arc. My pitch: Spider-Man would move on from MJ and start dating Gwen then eventually she will die and Peter comes back but MJ is married or dating someone and Spider-Man ends up alone, swinging off into the sunset.

  3. I definitely agree with your statement. Zendaya is a good love interest, but it would ruin the ending for NWH. In my opinion, we should get others like Gwen Stacy, Betty Brant, Black Cat or even an accurate looking MJ!

  4. They should focus on a solo spiderman story with kingpin, black cat and the sinister 6 and towards the end we see her visit NYC over break or something and runs into peter (would be cool if she has red hair to recreate the comic momment)

  5. Honesstly, just because she's back doesn't mean a big role is automatically a given for her.

    she could have a small role in the movie, with tom's spidey pulling an andrew and seeing her from a distance. Maybe they could interact with each other, with that bittersweet tone of the ending in NWH

  6. I think Zendaya can come back as mj but just don’t make her know Peter Parker. She could be a reporter for the daily bugle or something with an interest in spider man not a romance thing though.

  7. I wouldn’t mind if Zendaya mj returns in a short little seen, were maybe Peter bumps in to her and they talk for a second, but I don’t want her to remember Peter

  8. What the hell are you talking about !!! Of course she has to be in . Who told you WE want another love interest their story IS not finished yet he promised her to make her remember him so he need to do that first i do not want to see him with another it's will be weird

  9. I feel like zendaya should be in the movie, but I like the black cat idea. I think we should take a movie or two to have her not be his main love interest anymore, and when black cat maybe breaks up with Peter they could find a way to make her and Ned remember who Peter is

  10. There’s a way to do it right, have Peter find a new love internet ie Gwen Stacy then have something happen to that person and have MJ come back but not have her remember Peter and build their relationship from square one again

  11. I hope they don't go too out of their way to not sexualize black cat. Not saying she needs to be busting out her costume but keep the flirtiness/playfulness about her

  12. Guys mj remembers Peter a lot more than you think. Mj wouldn’t be friends with Ned if it wasn’t for Peter. Because in NWH Ned was friends with Mj

  13. Oh yeah, can’t wait for gender swap black cat. I mean, at least with mj they made her not Mary Jane. That was a nice spin and a great way to change her.

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