Sass Protocol: ACTIVATE! The Lore of TEARS OF THE KINGDOM! (pt. 2)

WE MUST activate the protocol. THERE WAS NO OTHER WAY.

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Thanks to Uplink for capturing footage used in this project!

All music taken from the Breath Of The Wild OST.

00:00 Chapter 1 – The Rito
10:01 Chapter 2 – The Goron
21:08 Chapter 3 – The Gerudo
33:38 Chapter 4 – The Zora

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24 responses to “Sass Protocol: ACTIVATE! The Lore of TEARS OF THE KINGDOM! (pt. 2)”

  1. You know most of these "contrivances" are actually explained in the story itself: after the battle against The Dorf ending in a stalemate and the death of Rauru, Zelda planned with the sages a way to awaken their powers in the future and help Link, while also hiding the Zonai secret stones for tens of thousands of years, and maybe also redacting most of the details from recorded History (although that also could have happened naturally over the millenias), basically making sure the stones won't fall in bad hands.
    Because remember, she have foresight since she came from said future, she knows that the Demon King will not be sealed forever, she witnessed the fact that even a fucked up Master Sword was able to wound him, but also thinks Link won't be able to defeat him alone.
    In one hand, it would have been a dick move from her and the then sages to put the secret stones in places Link and the future sages would have absolutely no way reach and with no directions whatsoever, and in the other hand, it would have been staggeringly irresponsible to let everyone know of these powerful artefacts that almost lead to the end of the world.

  2. minor note in the gerudo chapter: ganon abandoning the reincarnation cycle is a confirmed mistranslation. in the correct japanese version he vehemently refuses to give up on the cycle of reincarnation

  3. Loved the video, but I think some of the complaining about the contrivances for plot was a bit overdone. Like yes, from a pure story standpoint its odd no one ever noticed these things. But if you're engaging with it as a video game medium then you have to allow for a certain level of disbelief to let the story flow more smoothly. The upheaval unearthed things that no one had found before. They just happen to benefit the hero? Probably because the focus of the plot is on the hero. Just left a bad taste in my mouth, truly great video otherwise

  4. I didn't even know about the following the geurdo child into the classroom. I got lost in the sandstorm and ended up in the training area by the town and met the geurdo leader which let me skip straight to helping defend the town.

  5. We love it when games have very questionable continuity, persistent and repetitive story beats, and refuses to explore or explain anything substantial about the new plot points they bring up. Like, who and what are the zonai exactly? Sure would've been nice to see something other than all these historical figures and zelda be all pikachu face when the guy who looks like evil ganon turns out to be evil ganon.

  6. "Forgetting that we had those abilities and wasting time climbing."

    Why you called out some of the player base?😂

    After the Rito arc, I decided to activate all the towers (most of them) first. But I got tempted to do the Zora arc while nearby. I couldn't resist the temptation to see my fishy himbo.❤

  7. the Divine Beasts did indeed get decommissioned and disassembled. Ditto for the Guardians, their storage-pillars, and the shrines (and those that weren't recycled got collapsed into the depths below and destroyed when the Upheaval hit), and the towers got recycled into the new towers.

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