REVIEW : Marvel Legends Spider-Man No Way Home 3 Pack | Hasbro Pulse Exclusive | Unbox

This is the video to review the action figure Marvel Legends Spider-Man No Way Home 3 Pack.

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32 responses to “REVIEW : Marvel Legends Spider-Man No Way Home 3 Pack | Hasbro Pulse Exclusive | Unbox”

  1. Tobey's colors are too bright, but I'm glad that Andrew is practically perfect. Wished both of them had better articulation for their necks, butterfly joints, and hips though.

  2. This is incredible! Regardless of what many people think, I think this set is great! Love the colors on the spidey’s, the masks and the overall designs! I’m pre-ordering 2 of these sets!💯🍻

  3. Great review. Really excited for that Andrew figure. I prefer the look of it to the shf one at least from what I’ve seen from promotional shots but will have to see it in hand. The other figures are still not bad but definitely could be better. Still picking it up tho!

  4. This set is the perfect example of the potentially good stuff Hasbro can make, while also displaying their laziness at times. I've no doubt the FIguarts versions will remain my main versions of the Spideys, but I will get this just to have them in scale with my ML figures.

  5. Honestly, just buy the Figuarts at this point for a little extra (or less even, depending) and you get them sooner. There’s absolutely no reason to get this in my book.

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