Prowler Miles Morales Is NOT The Villain In Across The Spider-Verse


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34 responses to “Prowler Miles Morales Is NOT The Villain In Across The Spider-Verse”

  1. Hear me out: Everyone expects Miles 42 (I will refer to him as NeoProwler) to be a a cold, ruthless villain but what if that isn't the case? Instead, because of the radioactive spider not transforming Miles 42 into the Spiderman of his Earth the state of that version of Earth became much more dystopian than what it was supposed to be. In the movie it is implied that criminal syndicates dominate New York. Miles 42 may have to had turned to Aaron for training into the NeoProwler as a response just to survive and somehow ended up as a antihero because that's was what was needed at the current time. In a world so dark and evil, the "heroes" of that world may simply be the villains that are comparatively softer than the norm. Thus, NeoProwler might actually be more akin to slightly more ruthless Batman (sort of like the movie one that straight up brands criminals so that they get shanked in prison).

  2. Prowler miles and miles would probably be a good team and I think gwen and Peter would help because at the end of across the spider verse gwen I think I remember her saying that they should help miles

  3. Why is it whenever the Sinister 6 do something like this in New York there is no one but Spider-Man to stop them, where’s Matt and Cage or Moonknight, also the Avengers because I know they do global threats but even they wouldn’t allow Supervillians to stay in control of NYC for long.

  4. My theory is that prowler miles somehow knew that spider man Miles was coming to earth 42 so he set up a plan to get spider miles to help him defeat the sinister 6 because only spider man can defeat the sinister 6

  5. Wait Who thought he was gonna be the Villain the ending of the last movie was literally the spot About to wreak havoc 😭😭

  6. That’s a rlly good theory but my one is that miles from earth 42 is gonna mix his dna with miles who is spider man and then become an all powerful villain who teams up with the spot to take down miles(Spider-Man) once and for all!

  7. Personally, I believe that Prowler Miles was gonna be Earth 42 Spider-Man like in the comics but the spider was taken and Earth 1610 Miles killed it before they could send it back and Prowler Miles could be bit making him adopt a less heroic persona in place of his missing Spider-Powers.

  8. Are we not going to talk about how Gwen sensed Miles getting knocked out and also that he is in another dimension while being in another dimension herself. What kinda connection could that be I wonder.😎

  9. Personublly i think since prolwer miles doesnt have his dad anymore but his uncle he will see his uncle as a father figure that he will do anything to save so he wont turn good persay but he will only help miles like the enemy of my enemy is my friend i think its a cool thing prolwer miles could defintiely be a villian yes but i think he would do anything even sa rafice himself for the family he still has

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