Penny and Samus Download a Virus

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50 responses to “Penny and Samus Download a Virus”

  1. If you go to the main menu and then hit the B button, the intro and music starts at the same time, and the title drops right when the beat does and its fucking. Perfect..

    Also lol buckle up, Echoes is such a banger

  2. Yeah Pirate101 is based off of Club Penguin Snow, the worst Club Penguin Card Jitsu Game (Club Penguin is an online MMO that could never do good multiplayer outside of MAYBE Sled Racing, this is why Toontown is better)
    BTW who were the guests with Penny this episode? Like the person who played the jump? They had a good back and forth going that you just don't get with a single person, not unless that person is way too talented (illegal, will be jailed)

  3. Metroid Prime 2 is my favourite Metroid game, as well as being in my top ten favourite games ever. It makes me so happy to see you reacting with such glee to all the cool stuff in this game; I had a big dumb smile on my face the whole stream!!

    This one goes HARD

  4. Penny I'm right there with you on Spore. The space stage sucked compared to everything else and everything else was reaaaally thin to begin with. We all deserved better but after all that I still love it

  5. Darkspore was fun as shit! It played like a Diablo game. I hate EA for forcing online to play and then shutting the servers.

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