NEW Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Gameplay, Suits, & Release Date Details CONFIRMED! | HUGE News Update

In this Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 gameplay news update video we breakdown and discuss the new gameplay, story, suits, DLC, and release date details that were provided by the Insomniac Games during the Summer Game Fest. We got confirmation that the Spider-Man 2 release date is October 20th, 2023, that both Spider-Men have stories and missions in the open world exclusive to each of them, that they have new abilities: Peter with the symbiote and Miles with his evolved bioelectric Venom powers, when pre-orders will go live, DLC pre-order bonuses featuring two new suits, and that the Digital Deluxe edition will include 10 new Spider-Man suits (5 for Peter, 5 for Miles).

This information is coming off the heels of the new Spider-Man 2 PS5 gameplay trailer that debuted a few weeks back at the PlayStation Showcase. This gameplay trailer gave us our first great look at the symbiote suit (black suit) that Spider-Man will be rocking in the game. We got a great first look at Kraven the Hunter, the Lizard, and some of the other characters and villains that will feature in Spider-Man 2 (such as Black Cat, Wraith, Prowler, Shocker, and more). Additionally, we also got our first look at what the Spider-Man 2 gameplay switching between Peter Parker and Miles Morales will look and play like.

One of the most interesting aspects of the trailer was seeing how angry and aggressive the Venom Symbiote was making Peter and how that impacted the dynamic and relationship between Peter and Miles Morales. We are very interested to see how the Venom story will unfold in Spider-Man 2. How will Peter get Venom from Harry Osborne? Who will eventually end up getting Venom from Peter? Will it be Eddie Brock or somebody else? Nevertheless we can’t wait to get our hands on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and find out for ourselves!

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41 responses to “NEW Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Gameplay, Suits, & Release Date Details CONFIRMED! | HUGE News Update”

  1. once the games out you should do a play through, playing for an hour per recording, then spliting that into 6 10 minute videos, then posting say 6 vids a week, taking a break from uploading them on sunday, thus you get 6 vidoes a week, each 10 minutes long, and only have to record for like an hour each week, you could then also upload your current style of video along side this. spiderman 2 is also i think about 7 hours long, so youll get 35 videos, which 35/6 = 5 full weeks and then a final half week. all that for only an hour of recording per week, now ofc editing will cut down the length of the vid a little, however, as its a playthrough you could make the videos uncut, getting the most length out of the recordings, and due to the type of content provided, an uncut video would provide greater value to the viewer as those who do not own a ps5 can see the entire game all the way through

  2. Anyone notice that’s he’s hinting at the human torch being in the game? “Other marvel characters” Sony still has they fantastic four right?? And the human torch and Spider-Man have a relationship in comics and other games like ultimate spider man ps2. In 2018 they added the fantastic four outfits. Maybe human torch comes in and try’s to recruit peter?? Maybe add his death (human torch) maybe kraken kills him and it effects peter. Maybe because of the symbiot. Peter is responsible for someone getting hurt bad. And that’s how we remove it? So many possibility’s for the story!!!!!!! What do you guys think??

  3. I have two problems with everyone saying "Harry will be Venom".

    #1. If Harry doesn't die then Norman won't start his journey into becoming Green Goblin.

    They've already set it up for Norman to become Green Goblin.

    Spider-Man takes the symbiote from Harry, Harry is dying without the symbiote to stabilize him, Dr. Connors is the only one who can help Harry, but Kraven is going after Connors.

    If Harry dies, it will be Pete's fault since he has the one thing that was keeping Harry alive.

    #2. While not in a comic or movie, we have seen Harry become Venom.

    In the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, not only was he Venom before Flash Thompson became a host and gave us Agent Venom, but Harry also became Anti-Venom.

    That's Harry becoming 2 versions of Venom in one show.

    I don't know who Venom will be, it can't be Kraven because I believe Venom will be fighting Kraven, as Kraven would see him as a worthy challenge.

    It can't be Harry because we've seen that before and we wouldn't get a Green Goblin.

    I guess we'll just have to see what they came up with.

    I could be wrong, but I'll be very disappointed if it just turns out to be Harry because that's already who everyone assumes it will be, there'd be no mystery or misdirection to it, we would basically already know who it is.

  4. 7:36 if you remember, during Kraven’s trailer we also saw: Tombstone, Prowler, Black Cat, Wraith, Shocker and Taskmaster so my guess is they’ll have dlc stories or maybe even be in the main story in some capacity

  5. I'm not a fan of the 10-skins in the digital deluxe edition, cause I like to buy games physically, so that'd mean i'm missing out on those skins if i'm buying it physically

  6. omg I just noticed there's a suit called the Agimat Suit for miles, it's galactic purple and gold and I've literally started to make a Spidersona 2 days ago with those colors! Pretty cool! I'd probably use it like if I had my own Spidersona suit in the game haha. those two colors really look good together
    so hyped!

  7. a theory of mine is that the blue lighting of miles is caused by him absorbing the energy of the reactor in the last game.Also pin?

  8. I think unique is referring my yo the fact that they’re original insomniac suits. They don’t seem the type to lock cosmetics behind a preorder

  9. Maybe kraven the hunter will become venom because in the first trailer kraven asks if he could give him a worthy hunt and venom answers him and says yes we will but maybe Harry will be venom but I'm excited regardless

  10. Honestly don't know how to feel because I love collecting physical copies of the game but the deluxe is what or collectors are great kinda sad about that woth them being digital

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