Neil Gaiman’s ANGELA from the Spawn Universe!

Let me tell you about the totally awesome “Angela” mini-series from 1993, brought to life by the legendary duo Neil Gaiman and Greg Capullo. Prepare to be blown away! This mind-bending adventure introduces us to Angela, a badass angelic bounty hunter with a wicked sense of justice. With Gaiman’s captivating storytelling and Capullo’s jaw-dropping artwork, the series dives into a world of heavenly battles, breathtaking landscapes, and jaw-dropping twists that will leave you begging for more. Strap yourself in, my friend, because “Angela” is an absolute rollercoaster ride you won’t want to miss! Never miss an episode by subscribing today! #comicpop

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50 responses to “Neil Gaiman’s ANGELA from the Spawn Universe!”

  1. I’m glad Sal was able to keep it together with Buh and Tuh around. It’s weird not seeing Ben and tiffany here, but sometimes ya gotta make the best if what you got😂

  2. If my memory of Wizard Magazine serves me correctly, there was either an interview with Toddy Mac where he said Kato Kaelin was the basis for Spawn’s white guy look. It’s also entirely possible I’m remembering wrong and Wizard cast Kato Kaelin as white guy Spawn in their fan cast of a live-action Spawn movie before the live-action Spawn movie existed.

  3. Okay, the best part of the episode is that Ben and Tiffany get more excited over the ads, letter pages and contests, then the actual story being explained.

  4. I’ll be honest, at first when I saw the thumbnail, I thought “Aw man, Spawn this week, really?” But of course my whining was unfounded, and it’s another classic Back Issues!

  5. Buh saying of course we're Angels, God is named Charlie is gold also talking about Spawn new human form being white reminded me of Miss Martian turning white and scaring her for a second lol

  6. The Flash
    The Thing
    Dr. Octopus
    Beast or Dark Beast
    Capt. America
    Colossus (I think)
    Capt. Marvel
    Wonder Woman (I think)
    Black Panther
    Phoenix (I guess, can’t really tell much from a yellow glove)

  7. Love the episode
    Sidenote: please don't use "Judeo-Christian". It's veeery cringey and inaccurate to Jews (I include myself in such).
    Not offensive or such, just kinda a nonhelpful word

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