My Spider-Man 4 Wishlist #spiderman #tomholland #spiderman4

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27 responses to “My Spider-Man 4 Wishlist #spiderman #tomholland #spiderman4”

  1. Yes, please do not bring back Ned and MJ. I love them, and they were perfect ditko like characters. But It’s for Peter should learn to make new friends. They would also continue the trend of comic accuracy that way.

  2. I want Terresa Parker I love the family business storyline it is so underrated and yeah they should get rid of Mj and Ned and Ned should become the hobgoblin in future and Peter should be like the insomniac version of spider man I also want Black cat aka Felecia Hardy as Peter’s love interest Peter should struggle like how Tobey’s did movies should be dark and Grounded I also want Peter to work at Joe’s pizza and daily bugle and there should be a guy like Mr Ditkovich

  3. There shouldn’t be high stakes for the entire world but there should be stakes for Peter's world if you know what I mean

  4. If they bring back actor who played scorpion in homecoming ( I forgot his name I remember he played Vaas in far cry 3 and Nacho in Better Call Saul ) I'll be hyped

  5. Really hope its all street level thats what made me like the netflix shows like DD And JJ cause we havent seen much of the streets of NYC would love to see some street level actions

  6. Ned and mj should come back in Spider-Man 5 in a shocking cliff hanger where Gwen has set Peter up on a date and it’s mj, and we get a recreation of her original comic book introduction

  7. Personally I think that they should keep Ned and MJ around as side characters in Spider-Man 4, but only as a way to reinforce the new status quo. They could show Ned and MJ living their new lives and not remembering Peter, and also show Peter missing his friends and his old life. Peter could struggle with this, and consider reaching out to them similarly to the end of No Way Home. In the end he once again decides that it's best to leave them alone and out of harm's way. He then goes on to make new friends who we stick with for the remainder of the trilogy, and drop Ned and MJ for good. I feel like this would be a great way to showcase how much Peter's life has changed, and how he can never return to how things used to be.

  8. Ned should be the hob goblin but dont make him good
    Still make him evil that way the fact that ned doesn't remember peter it will make the turn to hob goblin hit harder

  9. In terms of what needs to be in the next trilogy for Spider-Man, we need to see him face off against a crime boss like Kingpin, Tombstone or Mr Negative, as that allows for a Spider-Man and Daredevil team up movie that could feature other heroes like Kate Bishop, Punisher and Echo, as well as featuring villains like Scorpion, Shocker and Chameleon as the crime boss’s hired guns or assassins. In terms of a new supporting cast I’d introduce Harry Osborn as Peter’s new best friend at college, Miles Morales as a Freshman also going to Midtown High but working at FEAST alongside Peter, Black Cat would be extremely fitting if there’s a crime boss and she’d be a great love interest for Peter now that he focuses more on being Spider-Man, Gwen could also be interesting because Peter could be into her but also see her as a ticking time bomb just like he sees Norman who could also be introduced and built up to over the trilogy and play into Peter’s paranoia. I’d like to see the Symbiote Suit done justice alongside Kraven and Rhino in an adaptation of Kraven’s Last Hunt, with Peter getting the Symbiote Suit, Kraven hunting Rhino in New York, Peter stopping Kraven from killing Rhino, almost beating him to a pulp, realising that the Symbiote isn’t good for him, taking it off for the MCU’s Eddie Brock to get and become Venom, with the Symbiote manipulating him with memories of the Sonyverse Venom, or maybe for Mac Gargan to get and feed into his anger and hatred of Spider-Man. You can definitely reuse Rhino and Venom because they were referenced in No Way Home but haven’t shown up, and because Venom is practically confirmed it means Sonyverse movie characters aren’t off limits so Kraven and Chameleon can be used, and because characters are being reused, Norman could be reused for the interesting story it brings for Peter, where he sees him as a ticking time bomb, constantly going down until he turns into the Goblin, where he could form the Sinister Six to fight against Spider-Man in the final film of the trilogy, which could include Green Goblin, Rhino, Shocker, Kraven, Scorpion and either Vulture (If he is returned from the Sonyverse), Venom (If it’s Eddie Brock and his issues with Peter aren’t resolved) or Mysterio (Quentin Beck is still dead, it’s just his team using the tech, but now employed by Oscorp)

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