Moist Meter | Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

This is the greatest spider-verse of All Time

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37 responses to “Moist Meter | Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse”

  1. Gwen was so unlikable. She felt like a Karen who even though she was in the wrong with her bitchyness, still got away with it. Miles learned his lesson in the end & she didn't. All she did was bitch her way into her dad agreeing with her. From the beginning of the movie when she snapped at that band for no reason, didn't even apologize without being a total bitch, she kept that same energy. Take her entitled ass out of the spotlight & the movies a 10

  2. For the whole movie thing, I thought it was well known at this point, but for anyone unaware, this movie and the sequel were originally supposed to be one. But it was to much for one film, so they had to cut it in half

  3. I checked the time on my phone 2 hours into the movie and I was like "what the hell, we're only like halfway through this plot max, is the movie almost over???"


    When it went to the Lego Spider man scene and miguel is as serious as possible like: "thank you peter, youre one of our best" was fucking amazing

  5. Spoiler warning….

    I feel like it’s a good possibility that Prowler Miles (Earth 42 Miles) will ally with Spider-Man Miles to team up, save his father and stop The Spot along with Gwen and the Spider Society.

  6. One small thing I like is how as spot became more powerful, his posture was still crooked and weak looking. But because he’s extremely powerful the weak crooked posture looks extremely off putting, scary, and demonic even.

  7. Dude I didn't even watch any of the previous movies. My little brother recommended I go see it, so I did. My friend described the animation as "24/7 art porn". Absolutely amazing. The contrast between the hyper pop saturation of the multiverse/dimensional glitches and the b&w scheme of Spot are insane. The sound engineering, soundtrack, and pacing are fucking amazing. Will definitely be watching the previous movies and waiting for the release of the next one!

  8. I would have much preferred a 5-6 hour spider-verse movie that is just the start to end. It was a real gut punch that it stopped halfway especially because I didn't know it was multiple parts.

    That being said, I fricken love this series. My favorite animated movie series ever.

  9. The only reason I’m not mad or upset about there being a sequel or the movie ending in a better way is because of the fact that I would rather have two really amazing, long detailed movies than one shorter, more summarized, less amazing or detailed movie. I’m hooked and so ready for the next movie

  10. I hope in the next one they somehow find a way to heal Spot. Like you said, it’s hard to dislike him and not feel for the guy.

    Also: I didn’t love the metro boomin album on its own but in the movie it was amazing!

  11. This movie is my favorite animated film of all time, I don’t want to hear any of this recency bias garbage, this movie was stunning. It’s still not my favorite spiderman movie of all time however, I stil prefer No Way Home

  12. Watched it from the back of a drive-in with shitty seating, lighting, and sound and it's still one of my favorite movie experiences in years

  13. yeah, I felt your last point spot on. When I realized there were too many new and familiar characters popping up fast and out of nowhere, my heart sank. I realized this would be an endgame V2. Still super excited, but that was a gut punch for me.

  14. I also love this new villain, and even to a personal level since my old theater teacher does the spanish dub for him. His voice acting really is spot on.

  15. i dont know much about sound engineering but if u notice everytime spiderman 299 does something that one part in his theme song is slightly integrated into the already playing soundtrack, an actual masterpiece from a sound and visual perspective

  16. Hit the nail on the head with the ending TBH. I can’t remember the last time I saw an ending so abrupt in a film. There’s usually at least some sort of devastating/triumphant climax for us to dwell upon. This felt more like an ending of a comic book issue that just runs right into the next issue a week later. The movie itself was incredible but without the next half it feels incomplete. Luckily the sequel is confirmed to be coming out next year so we won’t have to wait long to see what happens next!

  17. I'mma keep it a buck. I don't know what's in store for us in Beyond but this trilogy could probably have been four movies. Not just because it's a gorgeous franchise I crave more of, but also because Across went crazy on run time and it STILL felt like we could have spent more time in each location.

  18. I like the movie but I don’t think it was the cinematic masterpiece people made it out to be. My friend said it was the greatest movie of all time which I can’t agree with. HOWEVER since I know it was supposed to be 2 movies in one, I’ll wait for the final part to release and judge them as a whole and not as separate. As of currently I believe that the first one was infinitely better in almost every way. Across definitely has better animation and more style that I genuinely love tho.

    In short decent movie, but waiting for the last part to make my final decision on it

  19. I think they designed the ending for the movie as an average comic book cliffhanger, making sure the reader/watcher gets all the information they need in order to get the next book (watch the next movie)

    I think they also added the classic “to be continued” as they do in so many other comics, some were taken aback by this sure but I think it was nice 😊

  20. Idk if it helps the score at all, but this was actually intended to be one movie. it was too long so they had to make a cut somewhere, but luckily due to that, we only have to wait one year for the follow up, as opposed to however many the last gap was.

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