Miguel O’Hara Suite | Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Original Soundtrack) by Daniel Pemberton

The cinematic debut of Miguel O’Hara was just as I’d hoped, and he made for a very interesting and complex antagonist that wasn’t black or white with his ethics or way of doing things. His theme was revealed all the way back to the initial teaser, and finally hearing it in the film and expanded upon was a treat. I’d argue that it has the same tonal resonance that the Prowler theme in the first movie had, though is less villainous and dreadful as that theme. Miguel’s theme is a five note synth line that sounds akin to an alarm or siren. It’s blaringly loud, but is also used for more calm dialogue scenes in an effective way. The words that come to mind when describing the musical soundscape of Miguel O’Hara is “methodical”, because no matter how loud or abrasive his theme gets it has an underlying feeling of coldness and efficiency. This is further shown through a repetitive synth ostinato that plods and chugs during a lot of his scenes/scenes involving the multiverse at large. It’s reminiscent of Blade Runner in tone and it’s mechanical nature, and I think it suits someone as jaded and distant as Miguel. Not only is his theme alarming and efficient, but also efficient in it’s cold, electronic soundscape and melodies.
* = edited/rearranged

0:00 2099 Lab
2:33 Creation of the Spot
4:38 Canon Event + Creation of the Spot
4:50 Canon Event
5:32 The Right to Remain Silent + Canon Event
5:35 The Right to Remain Silent
6:05 Falling Apart + The Right to Remain Silent
6:09 Falling Apart*
8:15 Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O’Hara)
9:13 All Stations – Stop Spider-Man
9:28 Guggenheim Assemble
9:34 All Stations – Stop Spider-Man
11:04 The Go Home Machine + All Stations – Stop Spider-Man
11:11 The Go Home Machine

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37 responses to “Miguel O’Hara Suite | Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Original Soundtrack) by Daniel Pemberton”

  1. How did the other Miguel’s universe collapse while Miguel-928 is still wearing the watch that doesn’t make him an Anomaly? What REALLY destroyed the other Miguel’s universe? Others say it’s because of Earth-1610’s Collider, but it was destroyed by Miles-1610. He implied that when he interfered with the canon of any universe, it could risk the destruction of that universe, despite wearing the watch that doesn’t even make him an Anomaly.

    Here’s the timeline of events in order:
    1. The testing of Earth-1610’s Collider, bringing Noir, Peni, Porker, and Peter B. Parker to Earth-1610.
    2. The destruction of Earth-1610’s Collider by the hands of Miles-1610.
    3. Miguel-928 being informed that the multiverse didn’t collapse.
    4. Miguel-928 becomes the first to make a multiversal jump.
    5. The other Miguel dies.
    6. Miguel-928 replaces the other Miguel.
    7. Despite wearing the anti-Anomaly watch, the other Miguel’s universe collapses.

    Perhaps that universe’s Alchemax is experimenting with technology identical to that of the Collider. If it’s an actual Collider, then the entire multiverse would collapse. Since the other Miguel’s universe collapsed while the others remain intact, I guess it would be a mini-Collider or a Dark energy reactor that has gone haywire, resulting in the collapse of the other Miguel’s universe. But who built that catastrophic machine? Was it the other Miguel since he might also be working for that universe’s Alchemax? Miguel-928 didn’t know that the Miguel he replaced destroyed that universe and took back his daughter from Miguel-928.

  2. I haven't and will never watch the movie because the browns took the Irish out of Miguel. Supposed to have red hair.
    How could they willingly fuckup a 40 year old character like that?
    Going to watch Spider-man 2 again to feel normal once again in this Cannanite world.

  3. Bro just needs a family, then he'll be more friendly and not so dark and angry.🤷‍♀️
    Besides that version of himself wasn't spider man so the kid didn't have all his genes. Meaning technically that wasn't he's kid

  4. Is anyone talking about the overlay of heavy breathing in 'All Stations – Stop Spider-Man'? Throughout the whole track, anytime it plays Miguel's motif or hints at it with the synth, you can hear the panting in the background and it syncs with the percussion. A really nice touch to signify the intensity of the chase sequence as well as the animalistic aggression displayed by Miguel.

  5. i love the scene after miles escapes miguel’s dimension, and miguel says “We’re the good guys.” you can tell how much hes clinging to his sense of duty to what was originally a noble goal to protect the multiverse but has since been taken beyond reason by his own experiences. amazing how his theme manages to encapsulate so much of his character i actually can’t wait to see how his arc resolves

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